Credits and research

As any significant endeavour in life, FUSE could not exist without collaboration. I want to acknowledge the persons, institutions or communities who have helped and advised me through the process of creating this website and the research involved with the data in FUSE.

Research guidance and publications

Professor Sanna-Kaisa Tanskanen, PhD (The University of Helsinki)
Professor Heini-Marja Pakula, PhD (The University of Turku)
Dr. Raili Hildén, EdD (The University of Helsinki)
Esa Penttinen, PhD, EdD (The University of Helsinki)

Porokuokka, J. (2019). “This sixth sense or something”: The use of formulaic vague expressions by Finnish EFL students. Master’s Thesis. Helsingin yliopisto.
Available online:

Lempinen, J. (2020). Finnish upper secondary school students’ use of backchannels in an English spoken performance test. Master’s Thesis. Helsingin yliopisto.
Available online:

Materials and general support

Anna Halme (The Federation of Foreign Language Teachers in Finland SUKOL)
Anu Halvari (The Finnish National Board of Education)
Helena Helenius-Lamminparras (Kallio Upper Secondary School of Performing Arts)

Webpage illustration

Stanislav (

WordPress plugins

Logix Built Infotech (Plugin for displaying the transcripts)
Vladimir Anokhin (Shortcodes Ultimate)
Nickolas Bossinas (WordPress File Upload Pro)
The bbPress Community (bbPress)
Takayuki Miyoshi (Contact Form 7 and Really Simple CAPTCHA)
Michael Simpson (Contact Form DB)
Takien (Easy Table)

Corpus metadata tool (Voyant Tools)

Associate Professor Stéfan Sinclair (McGill University) and Professor Geoffrey Rockwell (University of Alberta)

Web hosting credits

Zoner Oy