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Instructions given for the speakers
Look at the mind map. Together with your partner, discuss what affects young people and their lives in various parts of the world today. Share your knowledge and opinions on as many aspects as you can in the time available. Make sure that during the discussion you both comment on what the other person says.

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Turns Speakers and utterances
1 F9: So... Mmm... Yeah so mm substance abuse... affects young people [laugh] ehm... eh well... I think it depends of the drug if it's really harmful or not... like I was in California last summer and er
2 M3: Yeah
3 F9: they smoked weed [laugh] like the young people they do it all the time.
4 M3: Really [laugh]?
5 F9: [laugh] Yeah and it's not a big of a deal... but then if it's like a... drug that... has really a dangerous impact on your health like //the health//
6 M3: //Mhm//
7 F9: of your body and your mind also
8 M3: Okay
9 F9: then it's a problem... in my opinion. What do you think?
10 M3: Yeah I agree er I think that er... if er... a drug is er like affecting you... really much it [laugh] a- affects your... world [laugh] r- really much too but er... some drugs like weed... is not that er... not er... I- It er doesn't affect so much... er... in your... like er... other things you do in life er but... like i- it's normal thing like... in Americas.
11 F9: Yeah
12 M3: An- and in some countries but...
13 F9: //Yeah//
14 M3: //It// depends on [prd]d- dr- drug[/prd] I think too //[inaudible]//
15 F9: //Yeah// because... [fin]No[/fin] yeah well... yeah //[laugh]//
16 M3: //Yeah.// So... er what do you think about er educational opportunities, how they affect on... young people?
17 F9: I think they may be affects young people the most because... I feel like education is like a really really big part of your future. Ehm... like without education... you don't really have a good future in my opinion... in this world, today's world. You need education to get a... job and money and home. You just need education.
18 M3: Yeah
19 F9: //Yeah//
20 M3: //I// couldn't ag- agree with you more so //that's really important thing to//
21 F9: //[laugh]//
22 M3: have that opportunity to educate... Af- in some African and other countries you can't... er... like there are no educational opportunities at all sometimes, //that's really bad.//
23 F9: //Yeah I think it can// lead to like er people, young people becoming criminals //and//
24 M3 //Yeah//
25 F9: thieves.
26 M3: Yeah that's true.
27 F9: Yeah... Emm what do you think... what kind of impacts erm... does like your socializing and free time opportunities... have on young people?
28 M3: Er I think that er too are really important part of... young persons er life and socializing and er if you are- like you have no free time or you are not socialized er that er you have a lack of like socia- socializing er that er it's not a good thing in er future of your life... that affects your like... work life and maybe you- you have not so easy to get work if you are not so social er like
29 F9: Mhm
30 M3: social person.
31 F9: Yeah. Erm I also think that erm... er like free time
32 M9: [cough]
33 F9: like all kinds of like going to movies and doing sports and that kind of stuff... especially with friends... and also alone sometimes... er like... er it really has a positive impact on your mind... your... your... yeah your mind so that you can like get something else to think... not just work all the time or school... things.
34 M3: Yeah that's true.
35 F9: Yeah [laugh]
36 M3: [laugh] That's really important. Er so er... er then family income, how do you think that affects... er young people or is it so important... how... what your [laugh] income is?
37 F9: Well I think it depends... like where in the world you are.
38 M3: [cough]
39 F9: Mm... Cause in Finland I think like the... er... differences... between like families and their income is not that huge, so I don't think er the family income has like a big im- impact... er... but... if you're in a- some country where like some people are really poor and some people are quite rich... then maybe the rich people [laugh] kind of like rule... and erm have more power than the poor people... Yeah what do you think?
40 M3: Yeah you have a point there //er//
41 F9: //[laugh]//
42 M3: I think er that er... er in some cases it is er like... it matters a lot but yeah as you said in Finland it is not
43 F9: Mhm
44 M3: so that... that doesn't affect your life so much but er if you are really poor if you have really poor family... //er//
45 F9: //Mhm//
46 M3: that that er... can affect a lot of what you can do and like
47 F9: Yeah
48 M3: what hobbies you take like.
49 F9: That's true.

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