Conversation 9: F12 and F13

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Instructions given for the speakers

You recently ordered a number of clothing items from a mail order company. When you open the package, you notice that you have been sent two pieces of clothing that do not match your order. You phone the company to find out what you need to do to correct the order.

You work in the customer services department at a mail order company that sells clothes. A customer has ordered a number of clothing items and phones you with a problem with two items received. You help the customer.

– Student A: Description of the problem
– Student B: Checking the customer details and when the order was made
– Discussing the solution
– Conclusion

Title Value
File format (in FUSE) mp3
Discussion tags customer service, clothing, phone call
Recording sent to FUSE (date) 23.03.2016
Recorder and sender id 3
Teacher id 1
Transcriber id 1
Teacher's assessment based on students' conversation in part III of the exam
CEFR = Common European Framework of Reference for Languages
(see e.g. Europass)
Teacher id = 1
Teacher’s note: Valid assessment would require more output from the students.
Skill areas in spoken English CEFR School grade
Interaction B2.2 9
Fluency B2.2 9
Pronunciation, intonation and stress C1 10
Vocabulary and structures B2.2 9
Grammar B2.2 9
Average value B2.2 9
Skill areas in spoken English CEFR School grade
Interaction B2.2 9
Fluency B2.1 8
Pronunciation, intonation and stress B2.1 8
Vocabulary and structures B2.1 8
Grammar B2.1 8
Average value B2.1 8

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Turns Speakers and utterances
1 F12: Hello, how can I help you?
2 F13: F13: Hello here is [censored: forename, lastname]. I would like to ask about my problem because I just ordered... three er pieces of... shirts from your webstore and... two weeks ago... tha- that happened er two weeks ago and now when I get the package I noticed that... there was... er two different shirts that I wasn't... expecting to be... so is there some way I can correct my order or can you tell me something?
3 F12: Of course, ahm thank you for calling us. So could you tell me the exact day of when the order was made?
4 F13: Er it was 14th of July.
5 F12: Okay. And yes I have your... order number right here it is 5676 and erm... yes so would you like us to... send you your money back... or would you like to //make//
6 F13: //Mmm//
7 F12: another order?
8 F13: I would like to make another order because I would like to get those... er right shirts but... er how long does it take to get them? You know //if//
9 F12: //Ahm//
10 F13: I do it today?
11 F12: Ahm because this was our mistake we'll put to a special post so that you would have them hopefully in a week from now on.
12 F13: Okay that sounds good.
13 F12: Okay
14 F13: So... erm I will do it in- on the internet and... then is it everything okay?
15 F12: Yes great we'll send them to you as soon as possible. Thank you //for calling.//
16 F13: //Okay.// Thank you //[laugh]//
17 F12: //Bye bye.//
18 F13: Bye.

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