The audio recordings, transcripts and metadata

From this page you will find links to the current FUSE audio recordings as well as their transcriptions and metadata. F (female) and M (male) are used to indicate the speaker’s gender. Transcription mark-up details can be found on the About the project page of FUSE.

Conversation 1: F1 and F2
Conversation 2: F3 and F4
Conversation 3: M1 and F5
Conversation 4: F6 and F7
Conversation 5: M2 and F8
Conversation 6: M3 and F9
Conversation 7: F10 and F11
Conversation 8: M4 and M5
Conversation 9: F12 and F13
Conversation 10: F12 and M6
Conversation 11: M7 and M8
Conversation 12: M9 and M10
Conversation 13: M11 and F14
Conversation 14: F15 and F16
Conversation 15: M12 and M13
Conversation 16: M14 and M15
Conversation 17: M16 and M17
Conversation 18: F17 and F18
Conversation 19: F19 and F20
Conversation 20: M18 and F21
Conversation 21: F22 and F23
Conversation 22: F24 and M19
Conversation 23: F25 and F26
Conversation 24: M20 and F27
Conversation 25: F28 and F29
Conversation 26: F30 and F31
Conversation 27: M21 and M22
Conversation 28: M23 and M24