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Instructions given for the speakers

You recently ordered a number of clothing items from a mail order company. When you open the package, you notice that you have been sent two pieces of clothing that do not match your order. You phone the company to find out what you need to do to correct the order.

You work in the customer services department at a mail order company that sells clothes. A customer has ordered a number of clothing items and phones you with a problem with two items received. You help the customer.

– Student A: Description of the problem
– Student B: Checking the customer details and when the order was made
– Discussing the solution
– Conclusion

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Turns Speakers and utterances
1 F10: Hello this is [censored: forename, lastname], er am I calling to this mail order company?
2 F11: Hello this is [censored: forename, lastname] from mail order company speaking, how can I help you?
3 F10: So I er I have ordered ah er clothes... for you but er I- when I today opened this package there is ah things that I haven't order.
4 F11: Okay... Well er what products where there in this package?
5 F10: //So//
6 F11: //What// wasn't er like y- products you- //was//
7 F10: //Er//
8 F11: ordered.
9 F10: There is this horrible blue scarf and //er//
10 F11: //Okay//
11 F10: I have definitely not ordered this.
12 F11: Yes
13 F10: And there is also green pants.
14 F11: Okay.
15 F10: That's not my style.
16 F11: So did you got any items that you actually was- were er er... erm...
17 F10: Yeah yeah [laugh]
18 F11: //[laugh]//
19 F10: //I// ordered er white sweater
20 F11: Yes
21 F10: and a black dress. And this sweater has there but the dress isn't.
22 F11: Okay
23 F10: So I can- I'm going to the party tonight
24 F11: Yes
25 F10: so I can't er... put ah these green pants... on... my
26 F11: Yeah
27 F10: I need the dress //today//
28 F11: //I understand//
29 F10: //Today//
30 F11: //Yeah// yeah I understand that, you need to calm down now.
31 F10: Okay
32 F11: So er I'm really sorry about this situation it's er it's really our fault we are really sorry about //this//
33 F10: //Yeah//
34 F11: and er we will er er refund... er these products and er... w- we can offer you er the dress you w- was pos- supposed to er get, free. You can have it
35 F10: Really!
36 F11: er free yes //because we are really sorry and//
37 F10: //Oh that's nice.//
38 F11: an- and it's really important for us that er... erm we serve our customers
39 F10: Yeah
40 F11: //and... make them happy.//
41 F10: //but but// how can this happen? How can I have things that I haven't order?
42 F11: Well //er I think that//
43 F10: //How is this possible?//
44 F11: er there is some kind of er situation co- going on in our er... post office //[laugh|//.
45 F10: //[laugh] okay//
46 F11: There in our er er
47 F10: So this is er ho- this is just a wrong package?
48 F11: Er no i- it's a right one but er there has happened some kind of mistake when we ar- are er wh- when we have putted them //in the package so er//
49 F10: //Ah, okay okay.//
50 F11: that's the problem and er so we... erm we offer you a free dress //but//
51 F10: //Mhm//
52 F11: unfortunately it won't get to you this evening [laugh] //so you understand//
53 F10: //Oooh//
54 F11: because //er post is so//
55 F10: //Then it's a problem.//
56 F11: so... because there is this postal- post strike going on //in here in Finland//.
57 F10: //Yeah it sucks//
58 F11: [laugh]
59 F10: [laugh]
60 F11: Yeah so you understand but //er//
61 F10: //Okay//
62 F11: but you can have it erm free and er we will //send it//
63 F10: //When// will er when will this dress erm like come?
64 F11: Er well er we send it to you tomorrow
65 F10: //Okay//
66 F11: //Er// when this er this er storage is... open //again//
67 F10: //Okay [laugh]//
68 F11: //[laugh]// cause now it's already five o'clock //in the evening//
69 F10: //[laugh]//
70 F11: //so there is//
71 F10: // yeah yeah//
72 F11: no one //there and//
73 F10: //I understand//
74 F11: and it will a- arrive maybe in er one or two weeks, we are really sorry //but it's because this strike going on in here in Finland.//
75 F10: //Oooh okay okay, yeah yeah// I understand.
76 F11: //Yes.//
77 F10: //So// erm, well I'm very habby- happy [laugh] because I can- I- I get it like free so
78 F11: Yeah
79 F10: Maybe I just put //some//
80 F11: //we're//
81 F10: old dress tonight //I will survive [laugh]!//
82 F11: //Yeah we are really sorry.// Okay we are really sorry about //this er situation.//
83 F10: //Yeah yeah, it's okay it's okay.//
84 F11: And you er erm when we send that d- dress to you and when it arrives
85 F10: Yeah
86 F11: you just have to er put these pants and er this scarf you //had//
87 F10: //Yeah//
88 F11: er in the same package that er- in which the dress arrived
89 F10: Okay
90 F11: and send it to us.
91 F10: Er //so//
92 F11: //and// the postal- post er costs are free //[laugh]//
93 F10: //Oh// oh that's really really nice. So em... okay and I can keep this erm sweater?
94 F11: Yes //if i- if it//
95 F10: //I think yeah//
96 F11: was the right one and
97 F10: Yeah it was.
98 F11: Okay. //Are you//
99 F10: //Okay//
100 F11: happy with that //this//
101 F10: //I'm// I'm happy. //I'm happy.//
102 F11: //Okay// that's good.
103 F10: Thank you for this em understanding.
104 F11: Yeah we are really sorry //about that.//
105 F10: //Yeah it's// okay.
106 F11: Yeah okay.
107 F10: Okay
108 F11: Goodbye
109 F10: Well goodbye, thank you.
110 F11: Thank you.

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