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Instructions given for the speakers
Look at the mind map. Together with your partner, discuss what affects young people and their lives in various parts of the world today. Share your knowledge and opinions on as many aspects as you can in the time available. Make sure that during the discussion you both comment on what the other person says.

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Turns Speakers and utterances
1 M11: I think I wanna talk about... er family income. You know... I have a question for you [laugh]
2 F14: [laugh]
3 M11: How should er income divide between parents like in a family... like should be- should it be equal... like both parents have... equal incomes so it's- they both bring money to the family?
4 F14: I thinks nowadays it's i- it is like that usually like in my family my dad [laugh] also have to do food and... er he had to clean the house and do stuff like that but also my mom works and does those things too, so they are like sharing the... mm daily like things and they are also... like... more happier if... like, if my dad hasn't doing those... homeworks then my mom is like really mm... not mad but something like that and then they have arrguments a lot so if they're- share and be equal of those... then it's like their life is better //in my//
5 M11: //Yeah//
6 F14: opinion.
7 M11: Some old people may think that like er eh man makes the hard work and the woman stays at home and does the chores but you know nowadays it's different //it- it's//
8 F14: //Yeah//
9 M11: changed... during the... past decades.
10 F14: Yeah, I think so too because we are new generation and I think we shouldn't be so tradionally... like but I understand my- er that some people... like to be in a- like to live in the old way [laugh] and not being so... modern [laugh].
11 M11: Okay
12 F14: Okay
13 M11: Do you wanna move on a different subject?
14 F14: Yeah er [censored: forename] and I wanna talk about... the stress and depression in young adults and... it's pretty usually that people are depressed because like the stress of school and like getting job or... [laugh] even if your parents are like saying that you have to get tens from like religion and history and if you're not and they're... mad at you and then you're like having stress... to be better... that's a big problem I think.
15 M11: You know if you have a... er huge workload of stuff to do then you get stressed because you have to do so many things and that can affect your social life.
16 F14: Mmm
17 M11: And that //leads to//
18 F14: //it does//
19 M11: depression.
20 F14: Mmm... I agree and er I think usually depression is a lot like... mm... afraid of being alone, usually people who are depressed... in my group are like those who had been like... reading a lot for the final test or they're like, they're a bit different and they are not- they don't have the self-conf- like mm I don't know how to say it like they don't believe in theirself that much as they should and that affects... everything like in their family life in their daily life at school they are different and usually also young people have different personalities at school and... home and in like outside of those.
21 M11: Yeah, you know young people can get depressed if like... they don't have so many friends and some... er people like tease them in school. That's... another way to get depressed.
22 F14: Yeah and also if like at home you have some issues like if your parents have some problems with alcohol or your parents doesn't have like the... mm they have some money issues or something, they affect to a ch- children too like the key is going to be like... act in some way and you just have to know like when you have to help... her or he and the parents are in big part of thou- that situation if that
23 M11: Yeah
24 F14: child ha- is having stress or depression.
25 M11: Yeah their parents play a big role in the... life. So if parents have a lot of problems then, you know their kids might get the same problems when they grow up.
26 F14: Mmm
27 M11: Like alcoholism... is a bad problem.
28 F14: It is
29 M11: Yeah
30 F14: and actually in Finland [laugh] it is //a big
31 M11: //you know Fin-//
32 F14: problem //[laugh]//
33 M11: //Yeah// yeah. And Finland is kin- quite a //depressive country//
34 F14: //[laugh] Yeah that also [laugh]//
35 M11: //If you look out of// the window and you only see... clouds and stormy weather [laugh]
36 F14: Yeah //and actually//
37 M11: //that might//
38 F14: there has been a research which like said that in Finland because here is so dark in winter and in fall and in spring also that makes people little bit depressed.
39 M11: Yeah and
40 F14: [laugh]
41 M11: then when the spring comes and summer comes and it's... so much light outside
42 F14: Mmm
43 M11: People... start to feel more energetic and... you know.
44 F14: Yeah. And that's actually true that er if we look at the measure of suicides [laugh] Finland is like [laugh] in top five or something [laugh]
45 M11: I guess that's- [laugh] that's not a good //thing//.
46 F14: [laugh] Okay.
47 M11; Finland should do more work to, you know decrease depression.
48 F14: Yeah
49 M11: [inaudible]
50 F14: and make people happier... and trying to find the issues and try to solve them better //in better way//.
51 M11: //Yeah I-// I've heard that many you know depressed people go to the doctor and then the doctor just gives them medicine and that doesn't help [laugh]
52 F14: Mmm
53 M11: really they have to you know talk to someone
54 F14: Yeah //and usually//
55 M11: //about their//
56 F14: the old people is researching the like example bullying... like because in nowadays there is so many form of bullying like... online and I can see like [laugh]... er bullying in social media a lot... and usually... it's not that like you are bullying at school because you are like saying something bad, it's usually on the net and which the old people cannot see.
57 M11: Yeah
58 F14: In my opinion.
59 M11: We //shou-//
60 F14: //And// that's a bad problem.
61 M11: Okay... eh sh-
62 T1: [censored: teacher giving instructions]
63 M11: Okay let's talk about socializing, free time opportunities. So it's [censored: forename] talking- talking here and er... I think you know the... town or the state should provide like free- free time opportunities to young people... like for example Helsinki... er... City like m-... er organizes free... er courses... in summer... but maybe there should be more. What do you think?
64 F14: [censored: forename] is speaking and I think that is true and I think... like the city has to do something differently because usually there's a lot of children who hasn't a hobby and they're like so bored... in summertimes and usually in summer you have to figure out something what you can do when you have those free times and... like because you can't just lie... at home and
65 M11: //Yeah//
66 F14: //Watch// Netflix and [laugh] //[inaudible]//
67 M11: //It's sad that some-// some people- they have nothing to do and then they just end up sitting in front of a TV or... a computer.
68 F14: Yeah and also
69 M11: That's
70 F14: I think er they should do something sports and something activities... outside
71 M11: Yeah
72 F14: because like in winter usually people don't go [laugh] out because here's- there's so freaking cold //so they//
73 M11: //So especially// in Finland you should
74 F14: Yeah
75 M11: spend the summertime outside //as much as you can//.
76 F14: //Yeah, absolutely//. Absolutely and I think that they haven't like figured that out because they haven't doing that much of like... football camps or something like that... like I have been a coach but that's not enough for those boys they are also like "Hei [censored: forename] when we have the next practise I'm so bored and I'm like "Well... here's like tomorrow and after tomorrow we have er next practise and they're like "Ooh! What I'm going to do tomorrow because there is in- no football fields where they can play and usually there's some old people who doesn't [laugh]
77 M11: [laugh]
78 F14: want the- that chi- childrens are playing in the backyard and their like yelling to them and they're like "Yeah but..."
79 M11: Yeah that's
80 F14: Then the teams are playing at the field so they can't go to play //to football field//.
81 M11: //I know that feeling// when old people start yelling that you can't play a ball here.
82 F14: //Mmm//
83 M11: //But// it's not yard, why? [laugh]
84 F14: Yeah
85 M11: It's- it's made for having fun and //playing//
86 F14: //Yeah//
87 M11: games.
88 F14: And if- i- yeah and especially if it's made to children, why they can't like enjoy of it... why is- some old people have to always come to yell and like "You can't play ball in here //you can't//
89 M11: //You know//
90 F14: play football you can [prd]pla- bay-[/prd] //play// basketball.
91 M11: //maybe we should//
92 M11: [laugh] maybe we should ask them
93 F14: [laugh]
94 M11: "Wh- why do you enjoy your life?"
95 F14: //Yeah an-//
96 M11: //You can't// do that here.
97 F14: like //when//
98 M11: //just//
99 F14: you were on that age what did you do [laugh]?
100 M11: //[laugh]//
101 F14: //like// did you just sit on the //bench//
102 M11: //[laugh]//
103 F14: at backyard and... you didn't do nothing so...

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