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Look at the mind map. Together with your partner, discuss the topic. Share your knowledge and opinions on as many aspects as you can in the time available. Make sure that during the discussion you both comment on what the other person says.

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Skill areas in spoken English CEFR School grade
Interaction B2.2 9
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Pronunciation, intonation and stress B2.1 8
Vocabulary and structures B2.1 8
Grammar B2.2 9
Average value B2.1 8

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1 M14: Okay well... about the money I think... well... it- it'll be a split rent equally
2 M15: It would be yeah
3 M14: //Yeah//
4 M15: //alone// I think the money is... like when you're studying er with a roommate it's of course much easier
5 M14: Yeah
6 M15: cause yeah yeah //alone//
7 M14: //Yeah true//
8 M15: it's just too expensive.
9 M14: Yeah and alone the money might be actually a pre- pretty big issue.
10 M15: Yeah... and the- the living is not the only thing you need money for //so//
11 M14: //Yeah// and though with the roommate you need t- to care of like who uses how much electricity, //water//.
12 M15: //Yeah//
13 M14: Most of those things in Finland are pretty cheap so... it's a... it's a split even but in food you need to be //a bit careful//.
14 M15: //Yeah that's true.// That's true. Do you like to share? Reasons for it.
15 M14: Well I- I- I like to share... and only thing I don't like to share is like blankets and stuff [laugh]
16 M15: Yeah yeah I'm- I'm- I'm- just the- I'm the opposite, I don't like to share anything
17 M14: [laugh]
18 M15: So I- er to be honest I would... I really think that I am gonna live with a roommate someday but I really don't like the like- like the idea of living with a roommate and I- if I do I really need like a big [laugh] big apartment for myself.
19 M14: Yeah I- I think the roommate would be a great help of- for me because well I- I don't really like living alone.
20 M15: Yeah
21 M14: Like I- I like my privacy... so I'd- I'd really need an own room... but I don't need like a whole apartment to myself //I need//
22 M15: //Yeah//
23 M14: a room to myself.
24 M15: Yeah yeah so just like the one time //that in//
25 M14: //Yeah//
26 M15: your room that no one is gonna bother you there.
27 M14: Only- only really... like... exception is like if it's my significant other, then I maybe like share a room.
28 M15: Yeah
29 M14: But in other cases I'd need a room of my own.
30 M15: Yeah if- if I would live with my er with my girlfriend or something yeah of course then... er I could share a room but I still- I still think I would need like... a room //for myself//
31 M14: //Yeah//
32 M15: not the one I'm sleeping in but another room //for myself//
33 M14: //Yeah yeah// I know what you mean. I'd like
34 M15: Yeah
35 M14: some sort of room... also. It could be like a her room and my room but //a//
36 M15: //Yeah//
37 M14: private room.
38 M15: Yeah like a private study.
39 M14: Yeah... and well I- I don't really think that roommate has to be that close with you but it needs to be a friend of yours.
40 M15: Yeah it does. //I a-//
41 M14: //Not maybe// like a soulmate or stuff //but//
42 M15: //Yeah//
43 M14: a good friend because I- I... I like to keep all my personal stuff on the tables and... well... yeah, I like to keep my passports and some of my money on the tables and
44 M15: Yeah
45 M14: all my valuables cause I need to know that in my own home no one's gonna take them.
46 M15: Yeah and I- I wouldn't move in with someone I don't know like or who isn't a close friend of mine.
47 M14: Yeah
48 M15: It just isn't... It just doesn't suit for me.
49 M14: Yeah and if I can trust my friends not to take my stuff [laugh] I really need to trust my roommate //not//
50 M15: //Yeah//
51 M14: to take my stuff.
52 M15: Would a commune be an option? Well... we're going to the army so
53 M14: Yeah [laugh]... No- not //really//
54 M15: //It's//
55 M14: much of that- you //have to take [inaudible]//
56 M15: //It's- it's a mandatory// option //so er//
57 M14: //Yeah [laugh]//
58 M15: in a year I will know er what it feels like and but er after that I don't- I don't think it would //[laugh] be and option//
59 M14: //Yeah I- I- think// I think it's gonna be fun there because your like... you're gonna spend a year with those guys and
60 M15: Yeah
61 M14: and you're going do everything together, you have the same schedules and stuff but in well civilian life I probably not be a part //of commune//.
62 M15: //Yeah// I know.
63 M14: Maybe like one or- one to three roommates is like the tops... three might be a little tough. //One or two//
64 M15: //Yeah//
65 M14: roommates would be fine but commune er //not my thing//
66 M15: //Commune//
67 M14: //probably//
68 M15: //Yeah.// How do you deal with conflicts?
69 M14: Well that's- that's a big- actually there's a bi- big thing in... what kind of roommates would I have cause well I- I love to solve conflicts and I- five angry minutes, really angry minutes I just shout and scream and... not kick doors but... be a really //loud//
70 M15: //Yeah//
71 M14: and... //sometimes//
72 M15: //Like yesterday.//
73 M14: Sometimes a bit mean.
74 M15: //Yesterday//
75 M14: //Yeah//
76 M15: when I broke your drum.
77 M14: Yeah
78 M15: Yeah
79 M14: but like two minutes after that I wasn't mad anymore cause I- I- I h- lov- I love to solve conflict fast
80 M15: Yeah
81 M14: cause I- I don't think there's any use in holding your anger like... for weeks not speaking or passive //aggressive//
82 M15: //Yeah I know//
83 M14: slamming doors and stuff.
84 M15: I just like- when I... deal with conflicts like something... I usually- I'm very self-aware of like what's my fault and what's not my fault... like me breaking your drum //of course//
85 M14: //[laugh]//
86 M15: It was my- [laugh] it was my fault.
87 M14: //Only partly//
88 M15: //Er//
89 M14: though
90 M15: Yeah
91 M14: So
92 M15: But er but still I- I like want to... just when I see like someone's angry at me or when I'm angry at someone... er when I'm angry I want to make sure that the other person like understands what my point is... and when someone is angry at me I just want to like do everything to cool it down, say I'm sorry and... you know just... [fin]No[/fin] if like eh fighting with your girlfriend and fighting with your friends is I think it's very different... like figthing with my girlfriend I won- there's always the like who's right and who's wrong argument but with [laugh] your- but with your friends it's just- I just want to end it fast //because it's not fun.//
93 M14: //Yeah it's true// you don't want //be//
94 M15: //Yeah//
95 M14: [inaudible] with your friends and I think a roommate should be thought of like... in the same manner like if you're roommates with your friend... just get over with the conflicts cause no one's gonna get use from it... any use from it and if it's your girlfriend or other significant other... well... it's a bit different but still maybe try to solve it fast cause you're going to live
96 M15: Yeah
97 M14: //together.//
98 M15: //Yeah// that's true, that's true. Anyone who's living with //you need to//
99 M14: //Yeah and probably// you're even living in the same room //so//
100 M15: //Yeah//
101 M14: it's a bit...
102 M15: So
103 M14: dull.
104 M15: //Yeah//
105 M14: //Yeah//
106 M15: because all of [inaudible] if you wan- don't wanna sleep on the couch.
107 M14: Yeah //[laugh]//
108 M15: //[laugh]// How much privacy do you n- need? Well like we said, own room
109 M14: Yeah
110 M15: That would be- that would be I think enough but eh
111 M14: Yeah
112 M15: not forever. //Do you//
113 M14: //Yeah//
114 M15 like living alone?
115 M14: Well I- I like- I like like both, I like living alone and with someone and that's why I like the own room
116 M15: Yeah
117 M14: cause in my own room I can live alone... and when I go to the living room, I have some people there and again... I'm not living alone.
118 M15: Yeah I like the fact that, to be honest I like living alone... more of course I lo- li- [laugh] li- like living with my er... my family but sometimes when I'm alone, it just- it doesn't seem like it's scary or it doesn't seem like it's a big thing to live alone... er but... I think er it wouldn't be an issue if I'm living alone like in Helsinki cause all my friends... are so close and... when you're er alone at home there's always someone coming in //coming out and//
119 M14: //Yeah that's- that's true.//
120 M15: your friends are always there so it's... it's not- r- you need t- you get the time you need when you want it but it's not like er it's not like you don't get to... be with friends.
121 M14: Yeah that's a really good point and it's pretty much also from where you live at, if I live in like somewhere in like Tampere or... coun- other like further or- or- or if I lik- live far away from the big city
122 M15: Yeah
123 M14: in the countryside, then I definitely not live alone... cause it would get bor- well actually not boring, you'd have lots of things to do but... like
124 M15: Yeah but just like
125 M14: there would be //[?]still[/?] much fun//
126 M15: //repetitive//
127 M14: Yeah
128 M15: Yeah
129 M14: And it would be so much fun... more fun to do it with someone... but in c- in the city while it's true that mostly of- mostly people you know live in like... ten kilometer radius of you
130 M15: Yeah
131 M14: and they can just come over //and you can go//
132 M15: //Yeah it's easy.//
133 M14: over.
134 M15: Yeah it's much easier.
135 M14: Yeah... so I- I- I'd say alone, with a roommate both are good... depends on where you live and how much you like your privacy
136 M15: Yeah
137 M14: and on your money situation.
138 M15: And er depending on like... what part of your life it is.
139 M14: Yeah... yeah thank you for your
140 M15: Thank you, //very good//
141 M14: //opinions.//
142 M15: conversation.
143 M14: Conversation.