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Instructions given for the speakers
Look at the mind map. Together with your partner, discuss what affects young people and their lives in various parts of the world today. Share your knowledge and opinions on as many aspects as you can in the time available. Make sure that during the discussion you both comment on what the other person says.

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1 M12: I'm gonna... discuss something about... how educational opportunities effect... young people around the world. So... I know in many countries... people have to pay something... to get to school and it's like... pretty... pretty you know... exotic for Finnish people to... to think- think that cause in Finland we have in- you know... free educational sh- system... and in America people have to... pay to get college and it's pretty... pretty expensive... and also... in Finland we have you know pretty good educational system, it's free and... it's... it's for twelve years or nine years but in... some places only I- few percent [fin]no[/fin]... well like fifty percent I don't know... from younglings can go to school and that's... pretty serious problem... in today's world, I think.
2 M13: Yeah erm and yeah I totally agree with that er we have er very advanced educational system here in Finland... and er... of course we ha- we already know that because have studied for like... I don't know twelve years or something... er... and er... it's pretty sad to think that in like third world countries... not so many kids get to go- go to school even like elementary school... er when at the same time we have the opportunity to... study... till we're like adults... for free and er even when we go to university we don't have to pay for it... at least not yet... and er... e- everything that wou- on- only things we have to pay for when we study is like f- food and... living and this kind of stuff but... it's really... really interesting that there's not so many places around the world that... w- were they have er free education... because... I- I don't think I know any countries other than Finland except maybe Scotland. I think they have free universities there... but er yeah mostly around the world the universities are really... expensive... of course it varies... for example in the US it's really expensive but... almost everywhere you have to pay something for education... er at least in universities, I don't know about the situation in er elementary schools and so on but... I think we're pretty well off here in Finland.
3 M12: Yeah
4 M13: We could talk about substance abuse next... er it's- it's pretty serious... er everywhere around the world I think but er... in Finland specially alcohol I think is... the biggest problem... and really the... cause for many issues we have in like... er such as domestic violence and... stuff like that... and er... I heard that er most- most of the traffic accidents that happen in Finland... are also... er caused by alcohol... so people don't really crash cars that much... but for some reason people go driving when they're drunk... and er... I think alcohol is a pretty big problem in Finland... it's- of course it's gotten better over the years... er for the few- last few decades but... er there's still some work to do, I think. The other substances like drugs stuff I don't think they are... er such a... big problem... in Finland but maybe around the world... er in some countries... it's a bigger problem... but I don't know, what do you think?
5 M12: Yeah well the alcohol... abuse in Finland is- it's kind of bad but... er then also... it's- it's good that people drink er and therefore they don't do drugs that much I think. Cause in like poor countries... there are lots of drug abuse and... people go pretty crazy from those drugs like... for example in Greece I can say I have- I have seen some needles on the ground just laying there... and in US I think there is... big like... drug problem there cause there is so much like substances that people don't know about and they... they try those substances at home... and they wen- they go crazy. And also in third world countries
6 M13: Yeah
7 M12: like the drug- drug abuse is bad but also... kids are- kids are er using alcohol when they're little
8 M13: //Yeah//
9 M12: //like// under- under ten and also maybe even drugs or cigarettes or something like that.
10 M13: I think it's because er there- like specially in third world countries it's- because there... er the er there's so much... poorer... and er the law enforcement isn't that good... in places like Africa or even South America
11 M12: Yeah
12 M13: So er... for example the cops don't care that much about drugs... and there's so much more corruption compared to Finland... and er probably... all of the like Scandinavian countries... er up here we have things pretty good because the law enforcement is pretty strict... and... er you don't get substances... so easily... er //up here//.
13 T1: //Alright//