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Instructions given for the speakers
Look at the mind map. Together with your partner, discuss what affects young people and their lives in various parts of the world today. Share your knowledge and opinions on as many aspects as you can in the time available. Make sure that during the discussion you both comment on what the other person says.

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Turns Speakers and utterances
1 M7: My opinion about family income is that er even though some people, some families have income differences... I think most families are happy... if their home environment is happy if their children- children aren't abused... the er parents don't drink and so on they have a healthy environment even though they don't get so much money... I think that isn't that big of a deal... if you don't get... lots of money because... like if you have families who get... very much money like doctors and lawyers and stuff they... might not be that happy because they'll- all involved in the money and they don't see each other that much and...
2 M8: I think love... is the word
3 M7: Yeah
4 M8: what keeps family alive. And what makes it stronger.
5 M7: Yeah the passion and the love the... like...
6 M8: It don't
7 M7: Yeah
8 M8: It //doesn't//
9 M7: //Right//
10 M8: really matter how much do you get money- money from the job... if your family's strong and loving
11 M7: Yes
12 M8: It can take almost anything
13 M7: Yeah you're right.
14 M8: what becomes
15 M7: Yeah
16 M8: in the future... Ehm stress, depression... er in children's... can be... in schools and... in freetime, if you don't have any friends and family is no- not loving you can easily get stressed and depressed.
17 M7: Yeah
18 M8: I think stress is the er comes first but if the stress keeps going then comes depression
19 M7: Yeah
20 M8: and if you get depressions... er it's really hard...
21 M7: Yeah //er mo-//
22 M8: //to rise// up again.
23 M7: Yeah most people doesn't- don't even know how hard- bad depression really is.
24 M8: Yes
25 M7: They just think that if they're sad for a day or some they think they are depressed but some people who are really [prd]depressed[/prd] depressed, that's really bad, that's a medical condition it has to be treated and like you said if your family is not caring about you, if you don't have any friends who support you depression can be a very hard thing to deal with.
26 M8: Yeah. I just watched a document about bullying
27 M7: Yeah
28 M8: and... many of the victims were bullied and... the things that bully- bullying cause... is so brutal and... how... the person... changes... //because//
29 M7: //Yeah//
30 M8: of bullying.
31 M7: Yeah they get so insecure //and like er//
32 M8: //Yeah they get// insecure and er... depressed and... they start to think that the world hates them.
33 M7: Yeah
34 M8: And they get suicidal er emotion and... emotions like killing somebody.
35 M7: Yeah
36 M8: Killing the bullies... and that's- that's just... it... doesn't have to be like that.
37 M7: Yeah and it's- it's not treated well.
38 M8: Yeah
39 M7: //F- as at least here.//
40 M8: //School should have-// be more er bullying- anti-bullying.
41 M7: Yeah //li-//
42 M8: //In// lower... states.
43 M7: Yeah
44 M8: And... stages.
45 M7: Yeah like there was this [fin]KiVa kiusaaminen- kiusaamisen vastainen[fin] thing
46 M8: Yeah
47 M7: in our school but...
48 M8: Doesn't //work//.
49 M7: //Like// doesn't work because like nowadays everything people do to each other in school is labelled as
50 M8: Yeah
51 M7: school bullying in Finland like if you punch someone, that's bullying, if you steal someone's wallet and take the money that's bullying but er in real life that's crime... and you should be taked to prison for that if you steal someone's money //and like//
52 M8: //When we had// a [fin]KiVa-tunti[fin] it was just a fun lesson... and... we laughed in it and it was like... er not a normal lesson so it was fun.
53 M7: Yeah
54 M8: and... I didn't remember any of the... topics what we talked about in- in it.
55 M7: Because they weren't important.
56 M8: //Yeah//
57 M7: //like//
58 M8: They weren't important.
59 M7: Yeah
60 M8: And that's- that's weird.
61 M7: Yeah and that leads to educational opportunities like if you- if you're bullied and if you're depressed like you lose your will to live and your will to educate yourself.
62 M8: And will to be with other persons.
63 M7: Yeah, yeah... //that's//
64 M8: //and//
65 M7: it.
66 M8: Also family incomes... doesn't really matter... in that case... cause if you're hard working enough... and you want to... get up... get lots of paid... then you can do almost anything.
67 M7: Yeah
68 M8: If you- if you just study... and study you can //succeed//
69 M7: //You can be whatever// you like.
70 M8: //Yeah//
71 M7: //Yeah//
72 M8: It doesn't- doesn't affect how much money your family have if you //have//
73 M7: //Yeah//
74 M8: If you have the ambition and the will to study and educate yourself. In Finland we have a great opportunity for that and that is amazing so we have to grab the opportunity... because like half the- half the people in the world doesn't have the opportunity that we have.
75 M7: I think
76 M8: so
77 M7: most of the people don't understand how good our opportunities
78 M8: Yeah
79 M7: for studying //are//.
80 M8: //And our// situations are
81 M7: Yeah
82 M8: like free //school//
83 M7: //Cause if you//
84 M8: yeah everything
85 M7: go to Africa
86 M8: Yeah
87 M7: there are schools er only for two years and they can- they educate them... //if//
88 M8: //Yeah//
89 M7: they don't have money.
90 M8: Yeah and they have to pay a lot
91 M7: //Yeah//
92 M8: //to get// education.
93 M7: And Ame- America also the good universities er... are really expensive.
94 M8: Yeah they can cost like a half a million dollars //a year//.
95 M7: //[laugh] Yeah//
96 M8: And we have in Finland free universities.
97 M7: Yeah
98 M8: Which is like amazing, unbelievable.
99 M7: And good education.
100 M8: Yeah.

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