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Instructions given for the speakers
Look at the mind map. Together with your partner, discuss what affects young people and their lives in various parts of the world today. Share your knowledge and opinions on as many aspects as you can in the time available. Make sure that during the discussion you both comment on what the other person says.

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Skill areas in spoken English CEFR School grade
Interaction B2.1 8
Fluency B2.1 8
Pronunciation, intonation and stress B2.1 8
Vocabulary and structures B2.1 8
Grammar B2.1 8
Average value B2.1 8

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Turns Speakers and utterances
1 F15: I think they are soo so- like unfairly different in the world. Somewhere you can- you can't even dream of s- of going to school and somewhere you can- you can study any any... thing you wants like in here in Finland.
2 F16: Mm
3 F15: [cough] an- [cough] education is free here and that is amazing thing and somewhere it costs that much that er everybody can't go to school and er that is a big problem in the world right
4 F16: //Mhm//
5 F15: //now//. I think every- every children in the world should go to the school and educate themself.
6 F16: Mm
7 F15: [cough] Because that's how er... the poorness and er... like er... that's- that's how world would be a better place
8 F16: Mm
9 F15 if every- every children can... can go to school and... so.
10 F16: Yes //I- I//
11 F15: //What do you think?//
12 F16: agree... I agree because I think in here we- we can maybe //not//
13 F15: //[cough]//
14 F16: see the whole picture of er... the whole educational er world because it's so different in here like you said it's free
15 F15: Mm
16 F16: and... it's really unfair that some countries it costs so much and like maybe United States er there... you have to... you ha- you have to have your college funds and
17 F15: Mm
18 F16: er... it
19 F15: [cough]
20 F16: it can cost so much but in here it's free... but I think that... in Finland we should mm put some effort in education because tha- it's something that works here... ad it's- er and it's something that we can do well so we should put more like... er effort to it //because, because, yes//
21 F15: //Mm, I think so, I think so.//
22 F16: yes.
23 F15: [cough] Because our country is like in... in so down.
24 F16: Yeah right now //yes so we shouldn't//
25 F15: //like yeah yeah//
26 F16: //shouldn't//
27 F15: //But// education is like... at the moment the only thing that matters and //we//
28 F16: //Mm//
29 F15: should not cut money of that and
30 F16: Yes, I agree, I agree it's so important... and erm family income... erm... it's something that affects too... and I think that... it's er... it follows straight to the education or stress or maybe substance abuse because... er... for example if your family er isn't that rich... maybe er in here... it doesn't er like... you can't notice that
31 F15: Yeah
32 F16: but... mm //but//
33 F15: //[cough]//
34 F16: if you go
35 F15: any other
36 F16: Yeah //in any other//
37 F15: //southern country//
38 F16: country I think that you //can//
39 F15: //Yeah//
40 F16: because it's er... it matters so much... er what your family incomes are and... I //think//
41 F15: //Yeah//
42 F16: that it's a issue //and//
43 F15: [cough]
44 F16: it shouldn't be... so... big thing
45 F15: //Yeah yeah//
46 F16: //That matters//
47 F16: Yes
48 F15: And an- ev- even if we live in Finland [cough] here is such a er little thing but still
49 F16: Mm
50 F15: the children... usually follows their parents
51 F16: Yes
52 F15: //like// er... doctors' children become doctors and er
53 F16: //Yes//
54 F15: //like that//... but in some other countries it like you- you don't have even opportunities
55 F16: Yes
56 F15: to do like a...
57 F16: //Yes o-//
58 F15: //eh well// income jobs if //your//
59 F16: //Yes//
60 F15: parents //are li-//
61 F16: //Yes it's// only based on your family //incomes and it's//
62 F15: //Yeah, yep//
63 F16: really sad... thing.
64 F15: Yeah. And stress and depression... I think er this is like a... all over in our world //problem//
65 F16: //Mmm, yes yes//
66 F15: //Not// just in poor countries I think too... like in- specially in Asia
67 F16: Yes
68 F15: there is soo- so much stress in youngsters... eh they are killing themselves because of stress and //the//
69 F16: //Yes//
70 F15: going to //university and//
71 F16: //Yes I think that//
72 F15: it's so big thing there
73 F16: Yes
74 F15: and it's- it's...
75 F16: //I think that//
76 F15: //it's// like all over world problem.
77 F16: Yes I think that the more that the maybe the education... matters the more people... er are... er depressed or... or the- they have stress because i- er in some countries they erm there's tests all the time... er... it's a lot of pressure that's put a- on them and
78 F15: Mm
79 F16: and //I think that it leads//
80 F15: //So mu- so so much//
81 F16: to stress... easier than maybe in like Africa or //somewhere there's//
82 F15: //Yeah yeah//
83 F16: more- more poor people but... I think ther- there's less stress.
84 F15: Yeah
85 F16: Yes
86 F15: That's reallys true
87 F16: Yes
88 F15: and er... we like- we should know already what we wanna do when we are old.
89 F16: Yes
90 F15: In this age and that's puts like a r- so much [prd]stress-[/prd] //stress//
91 F16: //Yes//
92 F15: [fin]niinku[/fin] like [laugh] more //because//
93 F16: //Yes// because we //should know//
94 F15: //[cough]//
95 F16: so early.
96 F15: Yeah //yeah//
97 F16: //Mm//
98 F15: so early and we don't have no idea what we wanna do and //that's//
99 F16: //Mm//
100 F15: just... and w- when high school ends and... //it's//
101 F16: //Yes//
102 F15: just huge, huge depression and stress.

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