Conversation 21: F22 and F23

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Instructions given for the speakers
Look at the mind map. Together with your partner, discuss the topic. Share your knowledge and opinions on as many aspects as you can in the time available. Make sure that during the discussion you both comment on what the other person says.

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Turns Speakers and utterances
1 F22: Er so our erm topic to conversation is money, money, money
2 F23: Money [laugh]
3 F22: Okay, //how do you//
4 F23: //Yes//
5 F22: get money?
6 F23: Er well I have like... erm... er from my parents a month... erm
7 F22: Salary //er no,//
8 F23: //it's//
9 F22: like- like month
10 F23: salar- like month salary //like and it's//
11 F22: //Yeah yeah// like month money
12 F23: yeah erm and yeah I get money mm like that but... erm now I ha- nowadays I have... so much courses that I can't... erm take any jobs or I- I don't have time for that but if I do, I... would go er... er doing some jobs and... get money like my own //but//
13 F22: //Yeah//
14 F23: yeah I was erm //a summer holiday//
15 F22: //Do you have that do-// do you have that studying erm from KELA that studying er money... //do you- do you got that?//
16 F23: //Aah I don- did- no I// don't know how I get it
17 F22: Aah
18 F23: Or er //is it//
19 F22: //You- you can// ask it for- for- //from KELA [laugh]//
20 F23: //Okay [laugh] I didn't know this thing// but
21 F22: [laugh]
22 F23: Yeah I- I- mm now I- I get my money from my parents and
23 F22: Yeah
24 F23: er I have also erm... erm... er now my... erm summer //er//
25 F22: //job//
26 F23: er yeah... summer money what //I//
27 F22: //Yeah//
28 F23: what I have
29 F22: Your last job
30 F23: Yeah from my summer job //left- left er//
31 F22: //Yeah you- you were- you were working// then and //yeah I//
32 F23: //Yeah I// have money left //erm [fin]niinku nytkin//
33 F22: //left yeah from some yeah//
34 F23: [fin]niinku vieläkin[/fin]
35 F22: Er still
36 F23: Er [fin]nii[/fin] yeah I have er still the money from- from that //like//
37 F22: //Yeah//
38 F23: It's- it's nice //that//
39 F22: //Yeah//
40 F23: I have like erm... kept all my money er safe //[inaudible]//
41 F22: //Yeah//
42 F23: and yeah //[?]all that[/?]//
43 F22: //Yeah//
44 F23: and how do you get your money [laugh]?
45 F22: Er- I- I work in... in like couple of erm couple times in week... and I got money... from that... I'm in telemarketing but I have a good salary [laugh] really good, but er yeah I dunno... I worked there also all summer and I'm there now but I think that I should got some other job maybe //maybe [laugh]//
46 F23: //Yay [laugh]//
47 F22: I dunno I- I like it kind of but it's like I dunno... //I dunno//
48 F23: //Yeah//
49 F22: and I got a little money from my parents, not really //much [laugh]//
50 F23: //Mmm// when you're 18 you're like //[inaudible]//
51 F22: //Yeah//
52 F23: like you have to er do it your own //like [inaudible]//
53 F22: //Yeah yeah// and
54 F23: //Get your own money//
55 F22: //erm// yeah and... I... er also have that studying like support from KELA
56 F23: Okay, I have to do it also but [laugh] //when I//
57 F22: //[laugh]//
58 F23: heard it on you I ha-
59 F22: Yeah
60 F23: heard it of you
61 F22: Er do you do budgeting? How have you [prd]su- succeeded[/prd]? I'm really bad at budjeting //like I really [laugh] I really [laugh]//
62 F23: //Mmm yeah I have also problems too//
63 F22: er... always use my mo- all- all of my money like //I'm really//
64 F23: //Mmm//
65 F22: really //bad at budgeting//
66 F23: //Gonna have it I like// //yeah//
67 F22: //Yeah// I just use it all
68 F23: Mmm but now- now I have you just //no budjet//
69 F22: //I haven't [?]fucked[/?] it// [laugh]
70 F23: Oh //[laugh] yeah//
71 F22: //[laugh] yeah//
72 F23: I have budget- yeah budgeting? //budgeting//
73 F22: //Yeah//
74 F23: er my summer job er moneys and I- er I'm happy for that but it erm it er... could eh er it... it- it- erm... it half to went my... er me and [CENSORED: forename] Barcelona [prd]vacation[/prd] //vacation//
75 F22: //Yeah//
76 F23: but it er we can make it and [fin]itseasiassa[/fin] I l- I left the all money //but I- I//
77 F22: //Aah//
78 F23: spend //like budjeting for that vacation//
79 F22: //You- you- you hadn't- yeah, yeah you were//
80 F23: and I like oh my God er what- what I do with this money because this vacation
81 F22: Yeah
82 F23: went wrong //and//
83 F22: //Yeah//
84 F23: we- we are- aren't going //to Barcelona//
85 F22: //And it- it was cancelled// //that//
86 F23: //Yeah it's cancelled//
87 F22: Yeah //the trip yeah//
88 F23: //And er I [inaudible] //[laugh] //I-//
89 F22: //Yeah//
90 F23: I had budge- budgeting for that //but now I have money and but//
91 F22: //Yeah saving money yeah//
92 F23: it's not the same when you erm when you like holiday and when you //spend//
93 F22: //Yeah//
94 F23: your whole money for clothes or //something like er//
95 F22: //Yeah yeah// and we were //also in Cyprus//
96 F23: //Yeah stuff//
97 F22: yeah and //all//
98 F23: //Mm//
99 F22: my money [laugh] //went for that mm//
100 F23: //went there yeah//
101 F22: Yeah
102 F23: I can like //[prd]im- imagine[/prd]//
103 F22: //Err//
F23: that
104 F22: Yeah
105 F23: //and//
106 F22: //do// you buy second hand? What, when, why? I don't really buy second hand //but//
107 F23: //Mmm//
108 F22: I should really love to buy second //hand but//
109 F23: //Mm//
110 F22: I don't... know from where I should get- er find like a good second hand shop //and//
111 F23: //Yeah//
112 F22: [laugh] //I- I- could prefer//
113 F23: //I know a- one good place//
114 F22: that but //er//
115 F23: //Yeah//
116 F22: I haven't- I'm so bad at finding clothes from there
117 F23: Yeah er er well erm I'm- I went er second hand sometimes
118 F22: Yeah
119 F23: but er so- er one time I found really good jeans like not Levi's, not Levi's but it's like... er only ten euros //and//
120 F22: //[swe]Va?[/swe]//
121 F23: it's so good and //it's like Kamppi//
122 F22: //Oh my God//
123 F23: er UFF- //UFF store//
124 F22: //Yeah// yeah
125 F23: and erm one other good ex- example is er second hand erm Kanuuna at Eira //[laugh]//
126 F22: //Yeah//
127 F23: there is some good erm [prd]clo- clothes, clothes?[/prd] //and//
128 F22: //Yeah//
129 F23: yeah I- I can definitely... //like//
130 F22: //Recommend that//
131 F23: recom//mend that//
132 F22: //Yeah//
133 F23: yeah... it's yeah sometimes but... yeah you have to like... er check it's good and er //it's- it's [inaudible] and so if you can like//
134 F22: //and yeah really- really like er get// yourself up and go //there and and find//
135 F23: //Yeah and//
136 F22: the things [laugh]
137 F23: Yeah and you just got to look it's... it's like good... ehm price and... er //that quality er is I think less//
138 F22: //Is the quality er good enough? Like i- it// is er gone bad?
139 F23: Yeah //it's good//
140 F22: //Yeah//
141 F23: or bad and
142 F22: Yeah
143 F23: Yeah like that
144 F22: Yeah. Are you saving for something? What? I'm not //saving money for anything... at the moment//
145 F23: //Mmm// n- no- not now any//thing but//
146 F22: //But I// er but I [laugh] could, I'm learning that saving money like //not//
147 F23: //Mm//
148 F22: using... all of it like at the time [laugh]
149 F23: Yeah that's //some//
150 F22: //Yeah//
151 F23: times like I don't //know//
152 F22: //Yeah//
153 F23: I //don't//
154 F22: //What//
155 F23: want to go... to //eat-//
156 F22: //Yeah//
157 F23: eat s- er //all of my food//
158 F22: //Yeah I always// that's so sad to like er say that but I always like //drink and//
159 F23: //Mmm//
160 F22: eat my money
161 F23: Yeah
162 F22: But [laugh] er
163 F23: Bad
164 F22: Yeah... but... //yeah//
165 F23: //Mmm//
166 F22: I'm trying to erm learn... //from that away, okay what//
167 F23: //Good yeah [laugh]//
168 F22: do you buy on sales? clothes, //make-up, I dunno//
169 F23: //Er clothes maybe// erm //yeah it's Black- Black//
170 F22: //Like everything you can find//
171 F23: Friday is coming //but er I- [laugh] I dunno, I dunno... I er//
172 F22: //Yeah it's today! Oh my God, I'm going to shop it when I get out of here [laugh]//
173 F23: I er [fin]mä en voi mennä sinne[/fin]
174 F22: And my friend is waiting
175 F23: Aah are you- //are you going//
176 F22: //Yeah//
177 F23: now, //there?//
178 F22: //for//
179 F23: //[inaudible]//
180 F22: Er //I know him [inaudible]// of sub//scrib//
181 F23: //[fin]joo[/fin]//
182 F22: ing to magazines instead of buying copies
183 F23: Mmm //[prd]subscribing[/prd]//
184 F22: //[fin]Mä en tajuu tota[/fin] I don-//
185 F23: magazines instead //of buying copies?//
186 F22: //magazines//
187 F23: like er...
188 F22: Er like the real //products//
189 F23: //Brand// er real brand or [fin]sit[/fin] //or copying//
190 F22: //Or copy//
191 F23: brand er definitely er real brand //it's l- it's//
192 F22: //Yeah//
193 F23: like embar- //embarrassing//
194 F22: //The quality//
195 F23: if //your//
196 F22: //Yeah//
197 F23: like er fake Calvin Klein //or something l- yeah [laugh]//
198 F22: //It's- it's like embarrassing it's so awkward situation if you- if somebody's//
199 F23: "Aah is that fake?" and you're //[laugh] "No" [laugh]//
200 F23: //Yeah [laugh] "No, it's like er Turkey" [laugh]// [fin]ei[/fin] //it's- it's not//
201 F22: //Er yeah// and the quality //is definite//
202 F23: //Nice//
203 F22: ly better in the //real//
204 F23: //Mmm//
205 F22: ones
206 F23: mm it's true, er cash or credit card which helps you save //erm [?]if you[/?] cash is like//
207 F22: //I think I can mm save cash better but//
208 F23: you hand and //you can see it how much you spend//
209 F22: //Yeah but I'm- I'm really// like scared of er taking cash with me because I think somebody is gonna //take my money and steal it from me but [laugh] when you have that//
210 F23: //Mmm [laugh] yeah mm//
211 F22: card er nobody can really use it like all of your money from that
212 F23: Yeah //it's//
213 F22: //Yeah//
214 F23: but you don't see money and er it's bad when you //when you s- buy something to like [fin]piip[/fin]//
215 F22: //It's really bad when you're [laugh] yeah//
216 F23: [fin]piip[/fin] [laugh] //you don't have money//
217 F22: //Yeah and [laugh]//
218 F23: for that //and er you c- er yeah embarrassing [laugh]//
219 F22: //yeah it's so embarrassing yeah and but// the card is really bad like when you're in the //bar [laugh]//
220 F23: //Mm//
221 F22: Friday night and //you have that//
222 F23: //Mm//
223 F22: card and you //can just like [swish] okay okay I can buy that I can buy that//
224 F23: //You like [swish] [laugh]//
225 F22: like you //don't have that money like//
226 F23: //Have that have th-//
227 F22: really on your hand and you //just//
228 F23: //Mmm//
229 F22: spend it from //everything [laugh]//
230 F23: //Yeah//
231 F22: Yeah... what do you usually //spend your money on? [laugh] I told you [laugh]//
232 F23: //spend your money on? er exam- no it's like yeah// I- when you're er at eight- at age- age? [fin]joo[/fin] eighteen er it's like your own pocket money at foods, clothes, movies, con//certs and//
233 F22: //Yeah//
234 F23: it's not like er when you erm... living your own //it's//
235 F22: //Yeah//
236 F23: so difference
237 F22: Yeah
238 F23: and eh er when I have heard my friends that live al- living own //you- you don't have that//
239 F22: //Yeah living on your own, you don't//
240 F23: money
241 F23: //spend all those er [fin]niin-[/fin]//
242 F22: //Yeah you yeah you just// need to like //pay your yeah//
243 F23: //funny things//
244 F22: you just need //to pay your bills//
245 F23: //you have to think more//
246 F22: and yeah //and//
247 F23: //Mm//
248 F22: oh my God I don't... yeah l- yeah like electricity //and your//
249 F23: //Mm//
250 F22: water and your //inter//
251 F23: //water//
252 F22: net and everything, when you're at home //you don't need to think//
253 F23: //Yes//
254 F22: of //things like that//
255 F23: //Like so much out of// salaries
256 F22: Yes //yeah salaries//
257 F23: //yeah salaries// it's- //it's so different//
258 F22: //And yeah//
259 F23: but er I [laugh] I livi- er //er//
260 F22: //And your own// food like all of a- your own food //and food is really expensive in Finland//
261 F23: //Yeah all own food and like//... yeah but luckily I'm living er with //my pa//
262 F22: //Yeah//
263 F23: rents
264 F22: Me too [laugh]
265 F23: //now [laugh]//
266 F22: //[laugh]//
267 F23: and er maybe someday I will erm live //with my own but//
268 F22: //Yeah I- I would// like to move away, //move out but//
269 F23: //Yeah me too// but not yet when //I'm at//
270 F22: //Not yet yeah//
271 F23: high school
272 F22: Yeah
273 F23: It's er so er [prd]tough[/prd] [laugh] tough //[laugh]//
274 F22: //Yeah//
275 F23: and when you... when you live in your own
276 F22: Yeah and I don- //I don't//
277 F23: //Mm//
278 F22: want that house that I need to clean and [laugh] //that food that//
279 F23: //Mm not yet//
280 F22: I need to make //for//
281 F23: //Yeah//
282 F22: me because... //because I'm not- I'm really bad at//
283 F23: //So much, much to do//
284 F22: cooking and I think I could //like//
285 F23: //Mm//
286 F22: [laugh] //I could like d- [laugh] starving yeah, yeah micro food and//
287 F23: //[laugh] micro- micro food [laugh] yeah//
288 F22: noodles and //every I could like eat... that//
289 F23: //Oh my God... no way//
290 F22: everything [laugh]
291 F23: //Yes//
292 F22: //Yeah//
293 F22: Okay
294 F23: Okay //we're//
295 F22: //That was that thank you//
296 F23: //finished//
297 F22: and //we are yeah//
298 F23: //yeah [laugh]//
299 F22: finished [laugh]