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Instructions given for the speakers
Look at the mind map. Together with your partner, discuss the topic. Share your knowledge and opinions on as many aspects as you can in the time available. Make sure that during the discussion you both comment on what the other person says.

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Turns Speakers and utterances
1 F17: //Part three is//
2 F18: //Conversation//
3 F17: Part three is a //ni-//
4 F18: //Sweet// dreams or nightmares.
5 F17: Yes
6 F18: Nightmares, this is [?]our[/?] //subject//
7 F17: //Okay//
8 F18: //[laugh]//
9 F17: So what are nightmares hmm...
10 F18: Hmm, nightmares are bad dreams as //Freddy//
11 F17: //Yes//
12 F18: Krueger would say //[laugh]//
13 F17: //[laugh] yeah// but it's like, well... I personally think that well nightmares are always something like a- bloody or... paranormal or something like //very//
14 F18: //mm//
15 F17: scary but they are not because... for example... well I have also had a nightmare about... exams or something and t- it's not like
16 F18: //[laugh]//
17 F17: //that bad if you// think like...
18 F18: Well
19 F17: //now.//
20 F18: //my...// nightmare, which was re- really lame, was the thing that I was... afraid to see a nightmare in my dream.
21 F17: Oh //okay [laugh]//
22 F18: //[laugh]// just- just really weird, but nightmares sure are scary if they...
23 F17: //Yeah//
24 F18: //are// scary.
25 F17: Yeah they're like... ni- nightmares are dreams that are scary like to you
26 F18: //Yeah//
27 F17: //like// you feel anxious or //scared.//
28 F18: //Scared// in a dream.
29 F17: Yes
30 F18: Even if it's not that scary situation you may feel so scared and helpless //or//
31 F17: //Yeah//
32 F18: especially the feeling of... being helpless
33 F17: Yeah //of//
34 F18: //is// scary.
35 F17: Yes
36 F18: and... sorry [laugh]
37 F17: Yeah [laugh]
38 F18: according to psychology
39 F17: Yeah
40 F18: some people say that it might... you know help us survive //in this//
41 F17: //[?]our[/?]//
42 F18: world.
43 F17: Yeah I- I remember that.
44 F18: //At least//
45 F17: //like//
46 F18: yeah.
47 F17: Aren't the dreams like... about that something is changing you, it's like- trains you for like //in//
48 F18: //Yeah.// In the dreams er if you saw a dream that you are flying, it seems that you have... moved on for another level... spiritually or mentally or... psy- phy- physically
49 F17: Yeah
50 F18: it depends but... and if you see a dream where your... teeth start to drop out, your going to die.
51 F17: Yeah
52 F18: //[laugh]//
53 F17: //those// are like er //oh well//
54 F18: //[laugh]//
55 F17: Okay
56 F18: Jeez [laugh]
57 F17: Erm what causes nightmares?
58 F18: Exams
59 F17: //[laugh]//
60 F18: //[laugh]// Sorry no- no- not sorry no- //it's//
61 F17: //Sorry// not sorry.
62 F18: it's like... well... erm
63 F17: Scary things
64 F18: Yes scary things and if you get traumatized or... //it's er- it just//
65 F17: //PTSD?//
66 F18: er yeah, it's just er like... erm scary movie you have seen
67 F17: //Yeah//
68 F18: //You might// have nightmares about it, I don't have... like nightmares so //you [inaudible]//
69 F17: //Mm//
70 F18: about scary movies but I think like the- they are not like...
71 F17: [laugh]
72 F18: from the movie but they can //like be affecting//
73 F17: //They are the- form the// feeling. //They form//
74 F18: //Yeah and they//
75 F17: //the feeling.//
76 F18: //can be affected by it.//
77 F17: //My mom// actually saw nightmares from... er... Exorcist for three years.
78 F18: [fin]Oho[/fin]
79 F17: //And she was//
80 F18: //That's like//
81 F17: Really afraid and I'm "Oh //Mom.//"
82 F18: //Yeah// [laugh] //yeah.//
83 F17: //And// I'm like having nightmares from having a nightmare erm //[laugh]//.
84 F18: //[laugh] Yeah well// like... well it was then but now when you watch //Exorcist//
85 F17: //Mm//
86 F18: your like "What?" //[laugh]//
87 F17: //Yeah [laugh]//
88 F18: It's- it's not that scary.
89 F17: But in that time //it was very scary.//
90 F18: //Like I ha- yeah// I have heard about like my friends that they're mom has seen like nightmares about the Shining //or//
91 F17: //Yeah// yeah.
92 F18: or even A Clockwork Orange it's like //I'm [laugh]//
93 F17: //[laugh]// And then there's us //[laugh]//
94 F18: //Then there's// us [laugh].
95 F17: Yeah we aren't s- afraid of movies because we know they aren't real, but we are
96 F18: //Yeah//
97 F17: //afraid// of different things and you can see them from our dreams and... you know the bi- things that you have seen during the day... //come in your//
98 F18: //Yeah of course.//
99 F17: dreams
100 F18: Yeah
101 F17: and... show themself in a different manner and that might be pretty scary.
102 F18: Okay... so give an example of a dream you have dreamt, so this isn't a nightmare, just a dream.
103 F17: Unfortunately I don't remember my dreams very often, they often they... they always turn out to be nightmares in //the//
104 F18: //Well//
105 F17: end.
106 F18: Okay
107 F17: Well
108 F18: That's not //[laugh] good//
109 F18: //[laugh]//
110 F17: //but//
111 F18: //well// [laugh] I have one.
112 F17: //Okay//
113 F18: //I er// I know that... I was... riding a car I mean I was driving a car
114 F17: Yeah
115 F18: and... yeah and there was like this hill, very big hill and I was driving like up the hill and then the car started flying //[laugh] and I was//
116 F17: //[laugh] I guessed that//
117 F18: flying and after that... the car started... landing and er we landed safely but then
118 F17: Okay
119 F18: there came another hill
120 F17: [laugh]
121 F18: and [laugh]
122 F17: //Oh no.//
123 F18: //we started// flying again and I was like "Yeah, this is so much fun." But [laugh] //this//
124 F17: //[laugh]//
125 F18: this time [laugh] the car started to crash... //and//
126 F17: //Oh// no.
127 F18: Erm I saw... er big Chinese...
128 F17: [laugh]
129 F18: temple //or//
130 F17: //Okay//
131 F18: something like that and it crashed right through it... and there was separate layers [laugh] in the temple and I [laugh] crashlanded in the end
132 F17: [laugh]
133 F18: and there was some //angry//
134 F17: //Oh no.//
135 F18: Chinese looking at me and I was like I'm sorry
136 F17: Oh
137 F18: and after that I think I died //[laugh].//
138 F17: //Yeah just [laugh] like a comedy,// kind of //but//
139 F18: //Mm, kind of comedy.//
140 F17: //Yeah [laugh]//
141 F18: [laugh]
142 F17: Well I have like I have many dreams about celebrities I- mhm I //wonder why but//
143 F18: //[laugh] and teachers.//
144 F17: I- mhm //[laugh] yeah but I like//
145 F18: //[laugh] [inaudible]//
146 F17: er celebrities but er for one dream I have had was like- it was er summer, er it was midsummer... //like the//
147 F18: //Aah I see.//
148 F17: holiday and... we... like er were outside and then this British actor //Benedict Cumberbatch just came in a...//
149 F18: //[laugh]//
150 F17: like er backyard and... I was like "Oh my God, I love you ee!" //[laugh] and//
151 F18: //[laugh]//
152 F17: and then [laugh] and then we- we like and... yeah he was like our guest //in//
153 F18: //Yeah//
154 F17: midsummer //festivities.//
155 F18: //Didn't you see// Johnny Depp making pancakes?
156 F17: Yeah! That wa- that was fun like Johnny Depp [laugh] in our apartment he made like heart-shaped pan//cakes//
157 F18: //[laugh]//
158 F17: with a heart-shaped pan and //and//
159 F18: //[laugh]//
160 F17: he had a pink like... what is it? //I don't really know but//
161 F18: //Yeah [laugh]//
162 F17: //yeah// and
163 F18: Outfit, pink //outfit.//
164 F17: //[laugh] yeah// and er... and my dad came in and he was like "Mmm, they look really good."
165 F18: //[laugh]!//
166 F17: //[laugh]!//
167 F18: [laugh]
168 F17: It was funny, okay... //erm//
169 F18: //Of- of// of course we can remember our dreams after waking //up//
170 F17: //Yeah//
171 F18: [laugh] we are just [laugh] remember //[inaudible]//
172 F17: //Yeah I remember// many dreams and //like//
173 F18: //I don't// r- usually remember dreams, I remember nightmares mostly.
174 F17: Yeah //maybe//
175 F18: //Yeah//
176 F17: Er does dreaming depend on age?
177 F18: I suppose so since
178 F17: I think
179 F18: when I was small I dreamt this nightmare, I was about six or five or really young and I remember watching this... Tintti series
180 F17: Oh
181 F18: and... you //[laugh]//
182 F17: //Yeah//
183 F18: you remember there's- there's a Himalaya yeti monster... and
184 F17: Yeah
185 F18: I saw that monster came... in my room [laugh], I was really afraid of it and yeah but after that my nightmares have become much more... imaginace- mm much more... creative //yeah much more//
186 F17: //Okay yeah//
187 F18: creative.
188 F17: But yeah I don't- well maybe the... it depends on age like
189 F18: Mhm
190 F17: Aa of course but I don't remember so much dreams so I- when I was very little so
191 F18: Mm
192 F17: I'm sorry but I think they [laugh] they weren't like //the dreams I have now.//
193 F18: //I saw the Moomins// mm Muumi's monster there as well... I //have//
194 F17: //Oh//
195 F18: the- it's- it's changed cha- eh //[laugh]//
196 F17: //Like the// boogyman.
197 F18: It's boogyman.
198 F17: Yeah
199 F18: Yeah
200 F17: Okay erm.
201 F18: Can dreams predict the future?
202 F17: Well I think... //maybe//
203 F18: //It// yeah it depends //on//
204 F17: //like//
205 F18: the- it depends.
206 F17: Yeah
207 F18: I wouldn't really [inaudible] since I don't have any evidence against it or... for it so [laugh] I'm just...
208 F17: Yeah
209 F18: Gonna say that it's possible.
210 F17: Yeah it- it is possible erm I have a little experience but not so much, I don't think it... it just //er//
211 F18: //Mm//
212 F17: seems like it or
213 F18: Mm //and deja vu//
214 F17: //[?]fortune[/?] or something//
215 F18: experiences are very... well... weird.
216 F17: Yeah the- //they are weird, I ha-//
217 F18: //There's no actual// word for it but it's
218 F17: Yeah
219 F18: really... creepy feeling.
220 F17: Yeah I have them a lot //[inaudible].//
221 F18: //And// I have actually... it's not a dream but it's more like a fee- er feeling, this sixth sense or //something that//
222 F17: //Oh yeah//
223 F18: something is wrong. My mum actually saved my life because she felt that something was wrong
224 F17: Okay
225 F18: and something was wrong [laugh] and she saved me, luckily.
226 F17: Yeah luckily, okay... er...
227 F18: Do you daydream?
228 F17: Yeah de- daydreaming okay well a little like there's some //[laugh] things I//
229 F18: //[laugh]// I live in another world which is my [?]imagined[/?] [laugh].
230 F17: Yeah we are quite other wordly //people I think.//
231 F18: //[laugh]//
232 F17: //And//
233 F18: //Yeah// we're weird people.
234 F17: like er I like... I li- like imagining things like it- what if I become a famous actor or something like that //you know//
235 F18: //I don't [?]know[/?] [laugh]// [?]be[/?] very different things //[laugh]//.
236 F17: //Yeah and// I also like i- if I like met some celebrity
237 F18: Mm
238 F17: because I really want to talk to like... American or British
239 F18: //[laugh]//
240 F17: //[laugh] celebrities// or something.
241 F18: Yeah... but yeah we do day- [laugh] daydreaming.
242 F17: Yeah... okay have you had nightmares //[?]my friends[/?] are like//
243 F18: //[laugh]//
244 F17: Ooh //many many//
245 F18: //Well// [laugh]. Most my- most of my dreams are nightmares //and//
246 F17: //Mhm//
247 F18: at least
248 F17: Yeah
249 F18: the ones I remember are nightmares. I have been killed by a bear for at least five times... in a [laugh] dream //and it was//
250 F17: //Oh no//
251 F18: really creepy and I saw these... people without skin, there was just blood and muscles showing around... and they were caged
252 F17: Ew
253 F18: in my... dad's house and... I was locked with them... and I was really beginning to worry and I wanted to get out... but... there was this lock and
254 F17: Yeah
255 F18: you see it's very simple lock and... when you are awake, you can just... click and it's out but
256 F17: //Oh//
257 F18: //during// the dream I was like "Oh my God! I can't //get//
258 F17: //Yeah//
259 F18: it open and //then I-//
260 F17: //Is like [inaudible]//
261 F18: Yeah... and for once [laugh]... I actually made it out. But things I- I called them hydras for some reason.
262 F17: //Okay//
263 F18: //They// started chasing me... and I saw my dad and my... now ex- er... stepmother
264 F17: Okay
265 F18: er and my... ex-stepmother's... daughter daugh- daughter and
266 F17: Yeah
267 F18: And er we were like "Ooh, where are we going to run?" and my dad and... [CENSORED: forename] started running towards er the bathroom and me and [CENSORED: forename] started running towards the other badroom... ba- bathroom.
268 F17: [inaudible]
269 F18: And then I picked some yellow police tape
270 F17: //Oh//
271 F18: //and// broke the window... [laugh] //of the [laugh]//
272 F17: //Okay//
273 F18: door of the bathroom... and started taping it and then there was snow [laugh] //it started [inaudible]//
274 F17: //[laugh] Okay//
275 F18: snow [laugh] and there w- broken window as well and then there was really dark and silent, I think I was alone and I started pulling sausages out of my //sleeves//
276 F17: //[laugh]//
277 F18: and //I was//
278 F17: [laugh]
279 F18: really hungry and //[laugh]//
280 F17: //So now it's like turning into comedy.//
281 F18: //I was like where// is- where is ketchup and
282 F17: //[laugh]//
283 F18: //then I// started eating and I was really worried that the- they might hear me [laugh].
284 F17: //[laugh]//
285 F18: //[laugh]//
286 F17: //That's like// yeah but eh about the lock thing like... in er like nightmares usually when you run //like//
287 F18: //Yeah//
288 F17: you are very slow it's //so//
289 F18: //and you er start //to see//
290 F17: //[inaudible]//
291 F18: these... things on the ground and your
292 F17: Yeah
293 F18: your... it's really hard to run and
294 F17: Yeah
295 F18: you fall on the ground and scream [laugh]
296 F17: Yeah but er //well//
297 F18: //[?]Go ahead[/?]//
298 F17: I have had like quite many er kind of normal nightmares it's //like//
299 F18: //Yeah// me too.
300 F17: There's some- always like [?]takes[/?] from my sleeve for example and pulls it on my hair and it's very creepy because //you don't//
301 F18: //Mmm//
302 F17: see
303 F18: Yeah
304 F17: What it is... and I ha- had a nightmare where actually a demon er showed up to me and it look like... a person and it was... from a... TV series called Supernatural so I think //it's//
305 F18: //Mmm//
306 F17: may... come //from//
307 F18: //Mmm//
308 F17: there and... it was like- it had yellow eyes... //and//
309 F18: //[laugh] Yeah//
310 F17: it's like- usuall like the... demons have black eyes //or//
311 F18: //Yeah//
312 F17: red and the yellows are like... like quite creepy and it //threatened//
313 F18: //Mmm yeah//
314 F17: me- me and my friends and my family... if //I wouldn't//
315 F18: //[laugh]//
316 F17: like sol- sell my soul to it and
317 F18: //Okay//
318 F17: //[inaudible]//
319 F18: good to have a [inaudible] //[laugh]//
320 F17: //Yeah it's-// it was... terrible [laugh]
321 F18: Yeah I haven't actually seen the demon in my paranormal dreams. There's just this feeling that something is there... and it starts killing //my//
322 F17: //Yeah//
323 F18: friends and... I have seen... my mom being killed in a dream and... it left me alive for some reason and I'm just been //[gasping] [laugh]//
324 F17: //Yeah. Well I have// also had these demon dreams where the... demon is like just a black mist... like
325 F18: Yeah
326 F17: I have... like... trying to get rid of it in a house and it always moves to a different place in my dreams and it's like
327 F18: Mmm
328 F17: repeating itself and I like... er er I'm just waiting that I
329 F18: Mmm
330 F17: see an other dream like that and
331 F18: //Mmm//
332 F17: //I'm// always like there with my... cross necklase //and//
333 F18: //[laugh]//
334 F17: I'm like //[laugh] the body of Christ compells you//
335 F18: //[laugh]//
336 F17: //[laugh] and it's//
337 F18: Does it help [laugh]?
338 F17: [laugh] Yes it's always like... goes away and one time it tried to pull me... like... with it somewhere but I //get rid of//
339 F18: //Hell [laugh]//
340 F17: it. //Yeah, to hell//
341 F18: //[inaudible]//... but once, only once have I seen a movie slasher in my dream...
342 F17: Yeah
343 F18: He actually killed me [laugh] //but//
344 F17: //Mhm//
345 F18: oh well. But the most scary dreams I have had are the ones that... re... peatedly comes to my mind //and//
346 F17: //Yeah//
347 F18: It's like a con- continued story... in...
348 F17: Mmm
349 F18: and it's really weird since you know it- it's a dream, it's not supposed to be repeated one and- a- again and again and again. It's really weird to see it.
350 F17: Yeah
351 F18: And then the- it's like this demon dream... Where the- where there is no demon actually to be seen. It's just a feeling and it's been... it's been actually... six times that I have seen that //same dream//.
352 F17: //Yeah// well those kind of dreams are terrible [inaudible]
353 F18: Nightmares //[laugh]//
354 F17: //Yeah nightmares// mm. Are we ready?
355 F18: I think we are
356 F17: yeah
357 F18: ready.
358 F17: Ready.
359 F18: //[laugh//
360 F17: //[laugh//