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Instructions given for the speakers
Look at the mind map. Together with your partner, discuss the topic. Share your knowledge and opinions on as many aspects as you can in the time available. Make sure that during the discussion you both comment on what the other person says.

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Turns Speakers and utterances
1 M16: Okay... mm... Air- Airbnb versus hotels... I've never heard of Airbnb.
2 M17: Neither have I so //so it's- it's er//
3 M16: //[laugh]//
4 M17: pretty- pretty //hard//
5 M16: //Yeah//
6 M17: to //discuss about it if you haven't heard of [?]it[/?].//
7 M16: //Yeah [laugh] yeah it's// hard one.
8 M17: And er... well Wolt //versus//
9 M16: //Wolt versus// dir- di- dining [laugh] at a- er restaurant.
10 M17: Er Wa- Wolt is a great er... is a- is a great app I think //[inaudible]//
11 M16: //I think// it's a- it's a...
12 M17: It's
13 M16: in this day and age it's a... good- good invention to have but
14 M17: Yeah and er cause you know... er Wolt has this... you know er it's like er... it's like Pizzataxi
15 M16: Yeah
16 M17: and they have these bicycles //that they use//
17 M16: //Yeah but n-//
18 M17: it's pretty //[inaudible]//
19 M16: //it's sort of-// they have all sorts of food.
20 M17: //Well yeah yeah//
21 M16: //I think tha- tha- that's-// that's a good- good thing
22 M17: Yeah
23 M16: because... earlier it wasn't... er so easy to get... like... I wanted Korean food at 11 pm and it was- wasn't to- too easy //an-//
24 M17: //Yeah//
25 M16: and you had to get th- the kebab from... the //closest//
26 M17: //Yeah//
27 M16: pizza-
28 M17: //That's- yep//
29 M16: pizzeria or something //but//
30 M17: //Here's// Wolt versus dining in the restaurant. I think it depends on the situation.
31 M16: Yeah [laugh]
32 M17: Cause if you feel like "Damn I want to go out."
33 M16: Yeah
34 M17: Then //then//
35 M16: //then//
36 M17: then you'd go to a restaurant but if you're just- //you're hungry, you-//
37 M16: //So it d-// depends a bit on the situation.
38 M17: Yeah it definitely depends on the //situation.//
39 M16: //Yeah//
40 M17: City car club versus rental cars.
41 M16: I've never heard... heard of it. I've [laugh] no idea and I don't even have a licence so... [laugh] //it doesn't//
42 M17: //Erm neither do I// cause... well I don't know City car club I don't know what it means- what it is but... car rentals are- I think they're pretty expensive and er if you- if you... there it's- if something happens to the car it- it will... it will cost a //lot, a [inaudible]//
43 M16: //Mm it- it's- ec-// [prd]expensive[/prd] yeah
44 M17: It's //really//
45 M16: //I think// a- a few summers ago er... we were having this sort of... a little road trip... with our family... er... we travelled... Finland... a- across Finland and... and to a few cool places but
46 M17: Yeah
47 M16: and we had to rent a car because we don't have one
48 M17: Yeah
49 M16: and I think it- it worked well... and... everything was great... but... I dunno erm it's a... maybe it depends on the company that... rents the cars.
50 M17: Oh yeah... but I think it's- it's a- it's a bit risky probably.
51 M16: Yeah it might be.
52 M17: Err... what else can be shared?
53 M16: Hmm
54 M17: What //else can be shared?//
55 M16: //Economy// er
56 M17: Er... well //it//
57 M16: //I think...// Do we have culture here?
58 M17: Mm eh... In Finland?
59 M16: You but in- [fin]no[/fin] in this mind map.
60 M17: Ah oh //yeah I think er...//
61 M16: //I think culture// it- it isn't that big of a deal if you think about... e- economy as a whole... //but//...
62 M17: //[inaudible]//
63 M16: still [cough]... mm... [laugh] I don't think if we can even strike up a con- conversation about it.
64 M17: Mm... seems like it... Erm.
65 M16: What about meal sharing... versus restaurant? Erm... meal sharing?
66 M17: S- er does it mean that you cook at home and with- with your friend or
67 M16: [inaudible]
68 M17: wife or mother or
69 M16: versus restaurant yeah... well I think it's... definitely... cheaper to... eat at home and... share the food //there but//
70 M17: //Yeah and// er... er I think er... it's... it's healthy for you if you- if you cook... and er you- you share your food with some- somebody, well [fin]no[/fin]... that's not what I mean but er... if you cook with somebody you- you kind of have a hobby
71 M16: //Yeah//
72 M17: //and// er if you... cook er... heal- healthy food it's... it's good for you and er you get something to do and you- you get used to it cause... cooking is er is- is actually a... it's- it's very- it's very useful //for//
73 M16: //Yeah//
74 M17: you when you're- in your life and
75 M16: //Err// definitely.
76 M17: But it's also really nice some- sometimes to go to a restaurant and have a nice meal but
77 M16: Yeah... //I agree//
78 M17: //if you do it// all the time it's really expensive.
79 M16: Mhm... Aa... Get your guide versus official guides... erm... [laugh]... er well... it erm... get your guide... official guides... I dunno what
80 M17: Er I- I think if- does it mean that er... if- if //you are the//
81 M16: //If your sort of// touring- touring the town //[inaudible]//
82 M17: //Yeah and// //you//
83 M16: //So you would// get er eh
84 M17: You- you... or you know at... a- a museum if... a museum if er you pay for an official guide or then you... if you get your guide at- I think it means like a... you read from the paintings
85 M16: Yeah
86 M17: or the
87 M16: Er get a small piece of paper that has //the//
88 M17: //Yeah//
89 M16: information on.
90 M17: Yeah yeah yeah, yeah... I think I- I like to- to... er... go- go to a museum on my own
91 M16: //Yeah//
92 M17: //I d-// I don't like the... if we have a official guide and... h- he or she always... she er... or he er... his- the- they set the pace and I- I //like to//
93 M16: //Yeah// //that's true//
94 M17: //go on my// own.
95 M16: and it's the same thing about er er when you're being a tourist in new town... and you'd like to see these... places... er I personally like to you know... think about it as a... [inaudible]... er... that I can- I can er decide what to do and //where//
96 M17: //Yeah//
97 M16: to go and... and how long... will I like to be there and
98 M17: Yeah
99 M16: so on, so.
100 M17: Yeah... you have a- kind of //a free timetable//
101 M16: //I'd like to get my// own- own sort of guide myself //in these//
102 M17: //Oh yeah//
103 M16: situations.
104 M17: Me too, me too.
105 M16: And then there's Uber versus taxis, it's the last one.
106 M17: Yeah and er... aah... is- is Uber, I've never used one //cause//
107 M16: //Yeah// me neither.
108 M17: Is- is it er, well it is illegal.
109 M16: It's i- it's illegal in Finland.
110 M17: Is it erm... is it cheaper than a taxi?
111 M16: Yeah... //definitely//
112 M17: //then definit-//
113 M16: a lot of- er it's- it's really she- cheap.
114 M17: Yeah and er I guess it's pretty easy to get also.
115 M16: Yeah
116 M17: Cause well the- then I think er... if Uber was legal... then I'd definitely get a Uber cause if you can get //the same ride//
117 M16: //Yeah but it's- it's// I think it's- it's cheap to us because it's illegal //if it- if it would be//
118 M17: //Well that's true enough.//
119 M16: like... this er sort of... viral thing that's going on, then the prices would go up... //and- and//
120 M17: //Well that's true.//
121 M16: then er... definitely mo- more people would... you know... get into it and start using it... //and tha-//
122 M17: //Yeah then//
123 M16: that would... set the prices a bit higher too
124 M17: Well that's //true.//
125 M16: //also// so.
126 M17: But it's also... if you e- if... you'd get an Uber... and er... you know you wouldn't get er do y- if- if you get caught using an Uber, do you... get a fine?
127 M16: I think //that//
128 M17: //Would the police...//
129 M16: the driver gets a fine
130 M17: But //you don't.//
131 M16: //but you don't// get a fine, //yeah.//
132 M17: //Well// I guess there's //something wrong.//
133 M16: //So the risk is...//
134 M17: It's- it's... pretty //low.//
135 M16: //Is-// yeah.
136 M17: Yeah //I think//
137 M16: //That's true.//
138 M17: er Uber is- it's a good... er //er is a good invention//
139 M16: //I would go for Uber yeah.//
140 M17: cause... you get- you get a cheaper- I think if you get a... er... like... y- you need a ride home from the railway station, it's like er for me it's 25 euros.
141 M16: Yeah
142 M17: It's... if you think it for... the Uber //costs like//
143 M16: //It would be like...//
144 M17: 20, 15
145 M16: //something//
146 M17: //Maybe//
147 M16: like that.
148 M17: That's 10 or 5 euros, it's er
149 M16: Yeah
150 M17: I would take it.
151 M16: Yeah... I think we're done.
152 M17: I think we're done yeah.