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Instructions given for the speakers
Look at the mind map. Together with your partner, discuss what affects young people and their lives in various parts of the world today. Share your knowledge and opinions on as many aspects as you can in the time available. Make sure that during the discussion you both comment on what the other person says.

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Skill areas in spoken English CEFR School grade
Interaction B2.1 8
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Pronunciation, intonation and stress B2.1 8
Vocabulary and structures B2.1 8
Grammar B2.1 8
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Turns Speakers and utterances
1 M9: Issues that affect young people in the world... the most affecting one is where you live and how much fa- money your family gets. If they don't get enough money you may... end up not getting enough food and starving or if you get a lot of money you can get a lot of things that could... potentially make you happier in life... What do you think about that?
2 M10: I think you're right, you know the more- that you know it doesn't mean that the more you get the happy you get you know some people can have more money but they're still sad inside so money can't bring happy but I think I- you're right you know if we take a look at it in a different angle... and er as you already said without er money you can't do a lot of things, for example, in Finland this school is free but if you look in a different country you know if the family don't have money and you probably won't go
3 M9: Yeah
4 M10: won't be able to go to school.
5 M9: Yeah
6 M10: [inaudible]
7 M9: So that takes us to educational opportunities.
8 M10: Yeah
9 M9: So here in Finland as you said that school is free but let's take United States
10 M10: //Yeah//
11 M9: //You have to//
12 M10: for example
13 M9: Yeah you have to pay for school and college there... and //if you//
14 M10: //Everything// you know //the//
15 M9: //Yeah//
16 M10: uniform, the food... so you need to pay a lot of things.
17 M9: Yeah, so if you- your family income is pretty low... //so you can't you- you-//
18 M10: //Yeah you probably won't be able// to survive.
19 M9: Yeah you can't afford of college there... that's not a good thing.
20 M10: It's not a good thing as you already said.
21 M9: Yeah and
22 T1: [censored: teacher giving instructions]
23 M9: Aha
24 M10: And er you know my first- my name is [censored: forename] and the second thing that might affect young people in this school is er stress or depression. It's one of the things that they really need to understand, you know what causes a problem and how they n- how- how do they fix it. For example some young people you know this count- or even a different country are stressing... er you know while they are studying or some even... or some of them that are not even studying are still you know having stress, which is still a problem for young people... because usually you know the people that is stressed are the ones that are from, you know this my opinion but, you know old people. That's what I //think//
25 M9: //[laugh]//
26 M10: you know. Not just the young people but I don't know what is the cause of this kind of problem to the young people even though they haven't experienced that much of things in their life.
27 M9: Yeah well I have known one girl... that was depressed and she ended up killing herself... so... that's a pretty bad thing because if you don't help early enough... it may end up pretty badly.
28 M10: Exactly.
29 M9: Do you wanna choose a topic?
30 M10: I think we can go with the educational opportunities you know that we were discuss- a little bit about education but
31 M9: Yeah
32 M10: If you want.
33 M9: Go ahead.
34 M10: Is it my turn?
35 M9: Yeah
36 M10: Mmm... educational opportunities is one of the rarest thing that you know young people can get in their life and er it will- you know it- it helps quite a lot of things to be educated person... because you can get you know good job you can have a good family you can- you can live you know pretty much happy life as you just subscribed earlier, which just makes education you know very [inaudible] that every single person in this world should have the opportunity to get education in their life.
37 M9: Yeah... but then again there's the poor countries
38 M10: Yeah
39 M9: or the expensive countries where the people just cannot afford to go to school.
40 M10: Yeah no- not everyone can afford getting education.
41 M9: Yeah
42 M10: Even though it's po- so important but it's just how life is, isn't it?
43 M9: Yeah. And if you cannot get education you probably are not getting a job, too... and that may lead just to depression or stress.
44 M10: And also the family income if you have family
45 M9: //Yeah//
46 M10: //that's it.//
47 M9: Yeah
48 M10: So I think they are related to each other.
49 M9: Yeah they //all are//
50 M10: //[cough]//
51 M9: Then again if you don't get a job you become depressed... you start using alcohol a little too much and that may end up badly too.
52 M10: And that might even... you know cause a stress or depression as you just mentioned //earlier//.
53 M9: Yeah
54 T1: [censored: teacher giving instructions]
55 M9: Well... let's talk about substance abuse because we let's- started talking about alcohol... because people, nowadays, start drinking and using drugs quite early... under eighteen years old... and what do you think about?
56 M10: I think that's also another problem that young people need not to do because it just doesn't make their lives go wrong but it- it might also end up there you know... you know affecting their friends' lives and close friends' you know close families and so on you know not only... it's not- it's not only you know bad for themselves but also for you know all those close people that you know are close to them so it might affect them as well.
57 M9: Yeah. It may feel good at the point that you're doing it, you may get some kind of... good feeling but then again... //the next//
58 M10: //Yeah in the// end it just leads to depression.
59 M9: Yeah. And there's really nothing good about it either... so you just hurt you and it may kill you in a bad situation.
60 M10: Exactly.

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