Conversation 28: M23 and M24

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Instructions given for the speakers
Read the situation, then act it out together with your partner.


You are at a party on a Friday evening. You meet a friend you haven’t seen for a long time. You talk about the party and other things.

It’s Friday evening and you are at a party. You come across a friend you haven’t seen for a while. You start talking.


– How you got invited to the party
– Opinions of the party
– Other people you’ve met at the party
– Complimenting each other on the clothes you are wearing
– Offering to buy a drink
– Plans for the weekend
– Other good parties to go to soon

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Teacher's assessment based on students' conversation in part III of the exam
CEFR = Common European Framework of Reference for Languages
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Teacher’s note: Valid assessment would require more output from the students.
Skill areas in spoken English CEFR School grade
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Fluency B2.1 8
Pronunciation, intonation and stress B2.1 8
Vocabulary and structures B2.1 8
Grammar B1.2 7
Average value B2.1 8
Skill areas in spoken English CEFR School grade
Interaction B2.1 8
Fluency B1.2 7
Pronunciation, intonation and stress B2.1 8
Vocabulary and structures B2.1 8
Grammar B2.1 8
Average value B2.1 8

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Turns Speakers and utterances
1 M23: Hey man, haven't- I haven't seen you for a while, how you doing?
2 M24: I'm good, er how about you?
3 M23: Well I'm- I'm doing- I'm doing good... So, haven't seen you now for a while and now you're at the party... how did you got invited?
4 M24: Er well er my friend... er told me there's a party... and er he d- wanted er to go... and have fun and I was like "Yeah I'm coming with you."
5 M23: Aah... so what do you think now the party guy, you never- you never at many parties but now you are here so what do you think... this party is now?
6 M24: Well er I think this party is er very good er... there's good- good music... playing and... people are having fun, they are chill
7 M23: Alright
8 M24: What's your opinion of the party?
9 M23: Well it's nice like I don't really... do party stuffs but now I'm here, but it's nice... I'm here only with a couple of friends and it's nice but they are already- already with their friends so I feel left out but... yeah pretty... good vibe... Yeah... have you met ano- othe- other people, your friends?
10 M24: Erm yeah I have met er couple of my... school friends... they are... somewhere now in... the party //[laugh]// probably drinking
11 M23: //Yeah//
12 M24: Probably drinking
13 M23: I see- I see you buy some... new clothes, looks nice, where did you buy it?
14 M24: Oh thank you er... I bought it in er couple of days ago... I... want to wear something nice... at this party
15 M23: Alright
16 M24: Yeah
17 M23: It looks nice
18 M24: Thank you, you have a nice style too
19 M23: Thank you
20 M23: Can I offer you a drink?
21 M24: Eh oh yeah er okay let's go drink, let's buy a drink
22 M23: Yeah
23 M23: Er by the way what ar- what are your plans for the weekend?
24 M24: Erm... I dunno maybe I'm going... to relax tomorrow cause... I'm probably having an- a hangover... but in... in the evening I might go to another party, what about you?
25 M23: Well, today like tomorrow I'm probably... just hang out with my family... cause... I li- I live alone and I... spend most weekends with my family so... probably spend some time with them and... go to gym for couple hours and you know, relax for a weekends... Have you heard any good parties soon coming?
26 M24: Yeah er tomorrow... we having er... high school party
27 M23: Alright
28 M24: Yeah... have you heard?
29 M23: No, no I think I'm gonna... take a break fo- this- this partying stuff and, you know, relax and... enjoy myself
30 M24: It's good, it's good