Conversation 19: F19 and F20

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Instructions given for the speakers
Look at the mind map. Together with your partner, discuss the topic. Share your knowledge and opinions on as many aspects as you can in the time available. Make sure that during the discussion you both comment on what the other person says.

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Vocabulary and structures B1.2 7
Grammar B1.2 7
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Turns Speakers and utterances
1 F19: Okay and now I think we are going to talk about something about... product placement... okay.
2 F20: Hmm
3 F19: Er well I think we can stalt- start giving a def- by giving a definition of product placement
4 F20: Yes
5 F19: So... product placement means that you, in a show... or TV... programme or in movie... you... er... place the products... in the movie but they are not dry- directly... commercial, they are just in the movie and //er//
6 F20: //Yeah//
7 F19: the... the people who watch the movie are not... aware of the commercial in the movie.
8 F20: Yes
9 F19: I- it's like secret commercial
10 F20: Yeah
11 F20: Er where- and er... where is product placement used in general? Well... er for example... in movies and... music videos... a lot actually. And in YouTube also, er in YouTube there are a lot of... er... video bloggers... aka vloggers //[laugh]//
12 F19: //[laugh]//
13 F20: er and... they have... er they get a lot of sponsors as they grow their... their... mm... yes //as as//
14 F19: //[laugh]//
15 F20: they have more watchers... //so//
16 F19: //Yeah [prd]su-// sub//scriber[/prd] [laugh]//
17 F20: //sub- su- yeah subscribers yes//
18 F20: Er so the sponsors do... product placement in the- in the vloggers videos a lot
19 F19: [fin]Skipataan tŠŠ [inaudible] [/fin]
20 F20: //[fin]Joo[/fin]//
21 F19: //[laugh]//
22 F19: Er well I don't er really know what are the most effective spots in a supermarket but I have heard that... er usually shops put their er newest products on the left because when a human walks in he or she... er watches to the left first, so there are all the most expensive and the newest products.
23 F20: [fin]Aha[/fin] Yes
24 F19: [fin]Skipataan toi [inaudible][/fin] //[laugh]//
25 F20: //[fin]Joo[/fin]//
26 F20: Erm... er so where have you noticed examples of product placement? HmmÉ erm
27 F19: Well while you are thinking //I can//
28 F20: //Yes//
29 F19: give you... some example, //on the//
30 F20: //Yes//
31 F19: other day... I was watching Gossip Girl
32 F20: Mmm //okay//
33 F19: //And they had// a party, very like trendy party and they were drinking vitamin water //there [laugh]//
34 F20: //[laugh]//
35 F19: so //vitamin water had//
36 F20: //ooh//
37 F19: paid to the Gossip Girls so the- so the actors would drink their product
38 F20: Oh yes yes... ehm... for example er... I- I have noticed hmm...
39 F19: [fin][inaudible] hurja remontti[/fin]
40 F20: [laugh]... eh er I have one thing that I have er usually noticed product placement, it's some... er rap artists'... ehm... music videos... and if there is Dr Dre er featuring in the- in the song... usually in the music video there are also Dr Dre's er... Beats by Dre... produc- er er [fin]tota[/fin]... er
41 F19: Head//phones//
42 F20: //he- head//phones yes... //it's very//
43 F19: //Yes//
44 F20: common yes
45 F19: I think that y- that is a really good... really good example.
46 F20: Mmm
47 F19: //[laugh]//
48 F20: //[laugh]//
49 F19: //I think// that companies use product placement because I think it might be a little bit cheaper //than//
50 F20: //Mmm//
51 F19: the traditional commercials... and it also more like... soft, it's not so //attacking//
52 F20: ///Yeah yeah//
53 F19: like
54 F20: Cause usually er people hate er like direct commercial, it's very- er it might be very annoying
55 F19: Yeah
56 F20: Erm and... yeah I think- I think that the... if the product placement is- it's- if it's... mm... for example in a movie, I think both... both //[laugh]//
57 F19: //[laugh]//
58 F20: I think the movie makers and the- and the commercial... men... er...
59 F19: [laugh]
60 F20: they- th- //both of them get the//
61 F19: //Get the benefits//
62 F20: yes ha- er yes get the benefit of it
63 F19: Yes //I//
64 F20: //The//
65 F19: think we are ready now //[laugh]//
66 F20: //Yes// thanks