Conversation 20: M18 and F21

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Instructions given for the speakers
Look at the mind map. Together with your partner, discuss the topic. Share your knowledge and opinions on as many aspects as you can in the time available. Make sure that during the discussion you both comment on what the other person says.

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Turns Speakers and utterances
1 F21: Mm how do you think Finns are seen by foreigners?
2 M18: Well we... do use a lo- a lot of time w- wondering about that //[laugh]//
3 F21: //[laugh]//
4 M18: er I think... most people around the world know F- Finland for sauna
5 F21: Mhm
6 M18: and erm for kind of shyness...
7 F21: //Yeah//
8 M18: //and// alcoholi- al- alcoholism in stereotypes.
9 F21: Yeah
10 M18: but erm //also//
11 F21: //and//
12 M18: for the great education
13 F21: Yeah and snow and Santa Claus and
14 M18: Yeah
15 F21: H- eh polar bears
16 M18: Yeah //[laugh] polar bears [laugh]//
17 F21: //[laugh] yeah//
18 M18: that's right... erm the things that Finland is known for, well we kind of went through those too
19 F21: Yeah
20 M18: ehm al- also Angry Birds... //ehm//
21 F21: //Yeah// and er in Japan, Moomins
22 M18: Yeah yeah Moomins yeah... ehm... what would you change in the Finnish picture?
23 F21: Eer... I think... people should understand that we don't have polar bears //here// [laugh]
24 M18: //[laugh] yeah// I think pe- pe- pe- pe- pe- people- people should al- shou- should also know that erm... the younger generations in Finland are not that shy anymore actually
25 F21: Yeah
26 M18: At- at least in my experience
27 F21: Yeah... er
28 M18: Mm
29 F21: Mm yeah
30 M18: Yeah
31 F21: Are there any countries that respect Finland more than others?
32 M18: Well Japan loves us //[laugh]//
33 F21: //[laugh] yeah [laugh]//
34 M18: I al- I've a- always heard that Estonians like Finland a lot
35 F21: [laugh] really?
36 M18: Yeah //yeah [laugh]//
37 F21: //[laugh]//
38 M18: I'm bit surprised too
39 F21: [laugh]
40 M18: Er like er i- it's because Estonians used to watch Finnish TV in the er times of
41 F21: Aah
42 M18: of CCCR and
43 F21: Yeah
44 M18: and stuff like that so
45 F21: and now it's all about... er getting... alcohol from //Estonia//
46 M18: //[laugh] yeah// [laugh] yeah... erm... are there any coun- eh eh er no er has image of Finland changed recently?
47 F21: Er... I think... it hasn't changed a lot
48 M18: Yeah yeah
49 F21: There has... been Angry Birds and stuff like that but
50 M18: Yeah
51 F21: that doesn't affect much
52 M18: Yeah yeah... I- I- I agree, there hasn't been much- much change
53 F21: Yeah
54 M18: Yeah like er sometimes when you talk to foreigners they still think that Finnish people walk- walk with wooden shoes and //what not though//
55 F21: //[laugh] yeah [laugh]//
56 M18: er it's- it takes some time s- to change these... these kin- these kind- kind- kind- kinds of things
57 F21: Yeah that's true
58 M18: Er //three//
59 F21: //Eh//
60 M18: things you would sell to a foreigner about Finland... Hmm
61 F21: Eh well we have a lot of forest and nature //is//
62 M18: //Yeah//
63 M18: //we have like//
64 F21: //really fine//
65 M18: we are called the "Land of Thousand Lakes" //I think I'd-//
66 F21: //Yeah//
67 M18: I'd mentioned that
68 F21: Yeah
69 M18: Ehm
70 F21: and
71 M18: I'd also tell them about the free education... I //think//
72 F21: //Yeah//
73 M18: there's reason to be proud of that
74 F21: Yeah... //and//...
75 M18: //Yeah//
76 F21: I think... about Santa Claus //because many people//
77 M18: //[laugh]//
78 F21: think that er Santa Claus is American...
79 M18: [laugh] //[laugh]//
80 F21: //and he's Finnish//
81 M18: pe- people think Jesus is American //[laugh]//
82 F21: //[laugh] yeah [laugh]// er how do Finns see other cultures?
83 M18: Hmm
84 F21: Er
85 M18: Well we're kind of u- used to being the er the small country so we... we for us like... coun- coun- coun- countries like America and China with hundreds of- hundreds of millions of... people are very big... //and yeah//
86 F21: //yeah//
87 F21: And I think Finns have some difficulties to understand other cultures
88 M18: Yeah that's true yeah
89 F21: Yeah
90 M18: It's a common problem in almost every culture that er people think their culture is the right one
91 F21: Yeah
92 M18: and the good one and the others are doing it... er [inaudible] worst than them
93 F21: [laugh] Yeah
94 M18: And that applies to Finland as well
95 F21: Er work, education, arts, sports, food... etc.
96 M18: Et cetera erm... well we have... er I think the Finnish work ethic is a bit too harsh
97 F21: [laugh]
98 M18: I mean people really identify... by their work er w- if you ever watch er watched adults er ha- having conversations er the first thing they ask somebody is er where do they work
99 F21: Yeah
100 M18: Yeah... always, it's so creepy
101 F21: And when they know each other they all end discuss about work
102 M18: Yeah yeah... that's creepy
103 F21: Yeah
104 M18: Er well- well education is really good //er//
105 F21: //Yeah//
106 M18: so far [laugh] //I don't know what//
107 F21: //So far yeah//
108 M18: the government is... i- is planning...
109 F21: [laugh]
110 M18: but er //so far//
111 F21: //Yeah//
112 M18: so good
113 F21: That's true we have //free education it's//
114 M18: //Mm mhm yeah//
115 F21: nice
116 M18: Yeah
117 F21: Er art
118 M18: I I- really love Finnish er e some of the Finnish songwriters because... erm... f- foreigners are often surprised by how sad er the- the pop music in- in Finland is
119 F21: Yeah [laugh]
120 M18: like Juice Leskinen and... //and so on//
121 F21: //Mhm//
122 M18: it can be really depressing and in other cultures it's- it's hard to find artists who are so... ho- honest in their lyrics
123 F21: Yeah Apulanta
124 M18: Yeah //[laugh] Apulanta [laugh]//
125 F21: //[laugh]//
126 M18: Yeah
127 F21: Yeah... I dunno about art, Tom of Finland is //also great [laugh]//
128 M18: //[laugh] yeah// true
129 F21: Yeah er sports
130 M18: I don't follow sports, //I-//
131 F21: //I//
132 M18: I try to avoid them
133 F21: Yeah //same//
134 M18: //Mhm//
135 F21: //I think//...
136 M18: //Yeah//
137 F21: people are so proud of er... ice hockey in Finland
138 M18: Yeah //true//
139 F21: //but// f- for real we have be- we have winned er I think for two World Cups //world [inaudible] thing//
140 M18: //Yeah yeah I- I only// won- I only watch World Cups
141 F21: Yeah
142 M18: Er and o- only ice hockey er I- I guess ice hockey is more interesting than football... //where like//
143 F21: //Yeah [laugh]//
144 M18: nothing happens for nine- ninety minutes, it's a bit... //er//
145 F21: //Mhm//
146 M18: boring, football... but ice hockey is okay
147 F21: Yeah
148 M18: //Er what about//
149 F21: //Food//
150 M18: food?
151 F21: Er foreigns think that Finnish food is tasteless
152 M18: Well yeah it- I guess especially if you come from like Mexico or- //or-//
153 F21: //Yeah [laugh]//
154 M18: or Asia or somewhere and er you taste Fin- taste Finnish foods, there are no spices at all, //almost//
155 F21: //Mhm//
156 M18: it's true
157 F21: Yeah we have lot of... potatoes
158 M18: Yeah [laugh]
159 F21: Reindeer meat
160 M18: Yeah
161 F21: Oh //it's nice//
162 M18: //I// I have er such a bad tolerance for spicy food
163 F21: Yeah [laugh]
164 M18: Yeah
165 F21: Many Finns have
166 M18: Yeah